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The adventures of the small cat in the big world.

One of the sweetest and purring kittens came to us with a pelvis fracture.

It is not an injury by a car. Most likely – it is by an injury by someone’s foot. We are not sure, so better not discuss it.

Sony had an emergency operation – young animals heal so fast, that there isn’t any time for doubts.

On one hand, this is bad, because broken bones quickly heal bad. But on the other hand – it is wonderful, because only few days., after the surgery,
Sony is as good as new!

Just take a look – isn’t he charming?

Sony would like to have a home of his own. If you like him, you are welcome to meet him at “The Farm”! If you like him, but cannot adopt him – please, share!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson за Stardust Pictures

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