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We aren’t scared easily, but when we saw the enormous size of Rantzy’s testicles, one word came into our minds and frightened us a lot – brucellosis.

The measures we took to stop the spread of the “brucellosis” now look funny, since we know he came with a testicle tumor.

As the shelter is extremely overcrowded, our plan for Rantzy was to operate him and when he recovers – release him back at his area.

We guess he didn’t like our plan. The evening before his planned release, he made pancreatitis.

Rantzy recovers well from it and there are no spreads of the tumor. But after we fought for his life twice, we decided to keep him in “The Farm”, when he is ready.

Very soon he will be as good as new!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

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