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Hannes is wonderful! Hannes is young and cuddly, playful and smiling!

Hannes is also abandoned and sick…

More and more dogs in Bulgaria suffer from heartworm. The owners of dogs like Hannes haven’t even heart of this disease and do not take any precautions for their dogs.

And when the hunting dog gets sick, when it starts coughing and becomes too skinny – it is time not to treat it, but to abandon it…

Hannes got lucky. He is with us at “The Farm” and step by step we are leading him to the healthy and happy life.

The treatment for heartworm is very expensive and risky for the dog. It is way cheaper to prevent it – many brands now have medications against it.

Being a responsible pet owner is a question of life and death! Inform yourself and include the prevention for heartworm in your monthly activities.

During the next couple of months, Hannes will be treated for the disease. We will sure stay by him.
Please, stay by us, because only together we help!

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