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Sad, but true – despite all our efforts, sometimes the reason for a doggie to end up in the ER, are his roommates in the kennel.

Gunter is with us since he was a tiny little puppy. He was found by German tourists in… wait for it… Macedonia and as they weren’t aware he cannot cross borders just like that, at the end he came to us.

And because he was so tiny and young, he spent long time in the clinic, before he was fully vaccinated and ready to go with the others.

Though, his 4 roommates, although they are his size, attacked him yesterday.


Gunter is fine, just a bit scared, but we will keep him in the clinic for a bit more, because we don’t have other possibilities to place such a peanut.

“The Farm” is overcrowded for months. Dumping puppies in front of our door at night, became a threat for our existence – the lack of space and the overcrowding is not only dangerous in the way Gunter suffered. It also may cause spread of diseases, exhaustion of the staff and lack of funds to cover the expenses of all those animals.

Gunter and many like him need us. To help them, we need your help! You may help us continue, by donating:

First Investment bank,


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Thank you!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson  for Stardust Pictures

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