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Very often we have to fight dirofilariasis. Very often we tell you about it, because if we don’t speak about it, owners do not make what is necessary to ensure the prevention of dirofilariasis for their dogs, and the disease will become more and more common …

Astrid came to us from “Ekoravnovesie” – the municipality shelter. The young dog had a fair chance for a good and long life, but not if untreated for the dirofilariasis that she had. So, here she is with us, for treatment.

Last week when we told you about another dog with dirofilaria – Morella – the donations that were raised were enough to treat Astrid as well.

Today we introduce you to Astrid and we thank you deeply for standing by us in the thousands of fights for lives that we lead every year!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

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