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It is an honor to introduce you to some of the patients who find help at the Franziska clinic these days – buddies that don’t know it’s a holliday.

Kind hearts who need us here and now. And the Farm is here for them.


What is that on the pavement? A quick look… is it a tire… no, seems like a rug… wait… that’s a live dog! Yordan lay like this at least two days after he was shot, before we accidently stumbled upon him:


Paralyzed. His eyes wild with fear. Someone gave him bread.
It will take more than bread to get Yordan going.
From the many shot-pellets in his body – the one in the spine is the worst.
The pain is paralyzing, but there is no option for a surgery – Yordan is too old:

12644_46886_4_s0 12644_46886_2_s0 12644_46886_1_s0


D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva didn’t give up and fought for him. And just when it looked like nothing more can be done for him – Yordan stood up and made his first steps. Those were difficult, painful steps. And he only did it for us, not that he wanted to live all that much, he just didn’t want to disappoint us.

IMG_9851 IMG_9853

After the first unstable days, granddad is already at his feet and you can see hope in his eyes. There is a long way to go yet, before we can say he is OK. And being a granddad in a shelter with pellets in your body isn’t exactly “OK”. But it much more than being a paralyzed old dog on the pavement.

IMG_9927 IMG_9929

We believe Yordan didn’t cross our path just accidentally. His destiny was to be happy. Age is not a crime.


IMG_9888 IMG_9920

And yet… Old age is no rose. Old lady Ruska is at the end of her road…
The quiet fox never made a full recovery after d-r Marincheva removed fast-growing tumors from her body at the beginning of winter. Although the surgeries were successful, she doesn’t have the energy to fight anymore. She is now in peace and quiet at the clinic, the vets give her strength and the keepers – love, but it’s getting harder and harder for her to stand.

15540884_10157905729435335_3873144301574082891_o vanka

Ruska’s daughter – granny Vanka (the two were the beloved dogs of an old lady) lives in the dog-building with Deddy and Sarah. If anyone has a quiet place for a kind old girl at the dawn of her days – it would really be a wonderful miracle to see her spend the rest of them at a quiet, soft place…


Mommy Mayra was abandoned in the street very pregnant. Confused and frightened, she found a kind person to take her home. And on the next day – there were already 5 dogs in need. She gave birth to 4 lovely puppies. But in a tiny apartment that was already home to two sick old dogs…

IMG_9697 IMG_9847

We took Mayra in urgency. She had an infection which is already under control. The puppies are healthy and well – we already gave them their first vaccine shots. And mommy is well too, we’ve started rearing the little ones, she only nurses them in the morning and evening now.


The best news is that Mayra already has people who love her and come visit every day with their little daughter. When she is ready – she will go directly to her loving home.


Young Rizhko was brought to us with severe bite-wounds. The people who found him thought it was dogs, but if a dog had caught him – he wouldn’t be with us now. Rizhko got in a fight with another male cat – the fight for genetic immortality is fierce.


The boy came in with a double hernia and swelling of the soft tissues. He went through a successful surgery and is already recovering.

IMG_9917 IMG_2117 IMG_2118

Spay/Neuter isn’t only important for the homeless females – it also extends the life of homeless males. The wounds and infections that males get in the fight to reproduce are often severe and cost them their lives.


The little angel’s recovery, after the complicated orthopedic surgery you gave him, is going very well. He’s already at the end of his recovery month and in a much better mood!

IMG_9860 IMG_9950

Toshko is a very gentle and kind soul, one of the best. Whoever choses to adopt him will pride themselves with a real black diamond.

Greetings from the puppies in quarantine

As always – the quarantine is full of abandoned puppies.

IMG_9868 IMG_9871

Tiny sweethearts, born in the yards of irresponsible female-dog owners.

IMG_0001 IMG_9992

Innocent souls, dumped in the middle of nowhere to find their own way. And they cannot.

IMG_0011 IMG_0007

These eyes are shining and will continue to do so, because you are there for them, dear friends.

Hugs from 200 little farmers!

(Part II coming tomorrow)

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