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Happy International Dog Day to all tail-wag lovers and their pets!

Happy special day as well to all the dogs who do not have a home, wishing them to find their people!

Special greetings also from Foggy who was lucky enough to become the dog of the week on the nicest day of the year!

Foggy is a boy of about a year and a half – two. Good and cheerful chap. He is not the most mannered, but he learns quickly and potentially can turn into one.

Healthy. We treated him for ehrlichiosis at arrival, but all is well now.

Foggy likes other dogs but likes people the most. As well as walks. As well as cuddles.

We are on the lookout for Foggy’s person! To walk him, to cuddle him, but most of all – to love him!

Share! Let’s find him/her together!

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