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Diva and Keira are just two of the many dogs we have in the shelter, another pair of dogs that is waiting for their person to come and find them. As they already spent so much time waiting we thing that it is about time for the luck to change and those beautiful girls to get adopted. At the end they were made for loving and being loved, for an own bed in which they can sleep, long tiring walks and the sense of real home and family. And now let us tell you a few words about those girls:


Diva is born May 2011th. In the shelter she is also known as the Brown dog of Marieta (our lovely doctor) because she is one of her favorites. That\s the reason we gave Marieta the honor to name her. With 500 dogs in the shelter you can only imagine how hard it is for us to come up with appropriate names for all of the dogs and Marieta is one person that not always approves our ideas. So this time we decided to not risk with choosing a bad name for that dog exactly and to be on the safe side we asked her for a name – and she did for seconds. It’s different when you name a dog you love so much and know absolutely well.

DSC_9382 DSC_9387

So Diva came to us from Bistrica with one other dog. We admitted her with very bad bronchitis and while we treated her for that she won everyone with her uniquely sweet temper – she is one wonderful dog loving people and dogs. Although you can’t see very well how sweet she is in the photos you can do it in person if you come to visit her in the shelter. We are absolutely sure that she will also charm you as fast as she already did with everybody else.


Kiera is born May 2010th. She came to us as a little puppy. Actually she is the last baby of Arahna also known as The Big Momma who was adopted like ages ago from one of our volunteers – Milena. Unfortunately Kiera didn’t have the luck of her mom and is still waiting in the shelter. She is very active and curious dog and doesn’t waste any time in regret for staying in the shelter. She acts a little bossy in her pen. But with people she is such a spoilt girl. Just need good owner who will love her and teach her how a true lady should act.

_VLA5507 _VLA5554

Both girls are neutered and vaccinated, waiting for in Bogrov so you can start together one happy life.

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