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Mistake happen. A house female dog got pregnant and gave birth to 12 puppies. Instead of just putting them in a box and tossing them away, the owner of the dog decided to do the responsible thing and try to find a home for each one of them. So far she has found homes for 5 of them, but the remaining 7 are still looking for their owners. All the pups have their vaccine shots, vet passports and a ID microchip.

DEBBY – female:

She is the biggest of the 12 puppies. She is 3 months old and weights 6kg. She will probably grow to be a midsize dog, around 18 kg. She gets along well with dogs and cats and is easy to train. Very affectionate dog.

* * *

DIDDY – female:

She is smaller than Deby and weights 4 kg. She will probably grow to be a midsized dog, around 18 kg. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She is very affectionate too.

* * *

Nero, Tamy, Ushko, Ushi and Mily were born last and there were some complications at birth. Thus the puppies are smaller than the rest of their brothers and sisters. In the beginning it was unclear if they are going to make it at all as they suffered form vitamin and calcium deficiency. However, the puppies proved to be tough fighters and pulled through. Now all of them act and fell just like any other puppy their age.

NERO – male:

* * *

TAMMY – male:

* * *

OUSHKO – male:

He has great ears but is camera shy.

* * *

OUSHIE – female:

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