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– -Edit 26.05- –
Once more, there will not be a doggy left unprovided for, all in need will get everything needed, and thanks to you, the kindest of people.

On behalf of all of them and ourselves – we thank you for being there for them, we thank you so much for caring! News will be posted immediately, meanwhile you are welcome to visit the heroes every day from 09 to 18.

An appeal to donors Tom Chesser and Deyana Petrova: we will also write you, but please, try to contact us, since we hope to persuade you to redirect your donations for another little hero in need.

Our improvised field hospital continues to work full power for the animals in need despite the harsh conditions. Once again, we turn to you for help, dear friends. Known and unknown friendly faces appeal to you, so – please, give them a moment of your time, they have no one to turn to, they are all alone.

IMPORTANT: You may be wandering why Ivo hasn’t had his surgery yet having had his bill paid. D-r Zlatinov had to travel and is currently out of the country. He managed to put together the more urgent and painful Algia and Rizhka (both got 2 surgeries each) before he left, and we arranged to keep Ivo restrained in movement until the doctor returns. We will keep you informed and post as soon as we have good news.


The two-year old gorgeous boy is with us since the beginning of May. We admitted him with a heavy case of gastroenteritis after long talks with the people who brought him, explaining we couldn’t keep him permanently. Of course – afterwards it turned out he has no place to go back to and he is ours forever…

DSC_0808 DSC_0739 DSC_0740 DSC_0819

Otherwise Dark is a pet. He is exceptionally kind, good looking, clever and well behaved. He is a giant that loves to cuddle and can soften even the hardest of hearts with his monkey business. It’s been a month in a small cage for the poor boy, but the end of his hardships is finally near.

Dobry and Sarah

Week #3 of struggle for Dobri and Sarah. When we were called about a dog in a bad condition mentioning discharge form the eyes we couldn’t help, but think “Distemper”. And that is just what the test showed us. There were no options – putting a highly contagious animal together with 207 others is a crime. We called every clinic in Sofia possible, but no one wanted to risk the infection and all we got is refusals. In the end, we had to ask some friends to allow us to use their villa yard to treat these dogs. So, Dobri and Sarah waited for d-r Ilieva and Svetlio to come treat them every day after work.

dobri (2) dobri (3)

sarah (1) sarah (3)

Dobri was lucky to be especially liked by the shop workers and he was well fed. His stronger organism handled the illness better and he is on his way to recovery. Sadly, Sarah is the typical “mutt” and despite her kind temperament she didn’t evoke anyone’s kind feelings. Weaker and thinner, Sarah is not getting better, she is actually worse – the horrible disease has taken its neural form. Dobri didn’t mind helping Sarah and yesterday d-r Ilieva performed a blood transfusion from him to her with the hope that the antibodies he has will help her cope. There is very little chance of survival, but Sarah hasn’t given up and neither will we. 


You know everything about Rizhka already, so she is only here to send you her kindest regards! Rizhka now lives in one of the rooms we’re not currently renovating, getting treatments for her malasezia and hypothyroidism, recovering from the two surgeries that D-r Zlatinov successfully performed on her.


You should know, you have helped one of the sweetest and kindest creatures on this planet. Thanks to your help and now aware of her thyroid issues we will finally be able to harmonize the external looks of Rizhka with her internal sunshine.


There can hardly be a dog that is more worried about taking her photo than Sivka, she was almost left out of this story, but we decided that her volunteer friends deserve to know her sad news.


The girl has been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness called Pemphigus Foliaceus – an uncurable condition for which she will have to take steroids her whole life. Our doctors have already made her some potions to ease the symptoms.


Darma came from the street – she was a little baby with demodecosis. Kind fosters treated her, she recovered and became even prettier and sweeter than before. We sent her to the adoption weekends at PETS&U to look for her family. The little peanut didn’t find her people and remained in the shelter waiting for luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good luck – she began to limp. We went to the CVC for x-rays and exams and…

1399190_649011851838246_5699334703660232958_o 1962477_649012065171558_4187322834873595823_o

And again the news for the good Darma are bad. Our sweet mutt has an illness that is festering her blue-blooded brothers – hip dysplasia. To be able to walk pain-free she needs a surgery – resection of the hip joint. It is a surgery that removes the head of the joint, replacing it with a pseudo-joint.


This way – the pain will stop, and although Darma may not be able to run and jump as freely as she would have with a healthy leg, the surgery will allow her to live a completely normal life.

The price for the surgery Darma urgently needs is 220 BGN.

Ticky /yes, from “ticks”/

A couple found this lady abandoned at some gas-station near Gabrovo. The whole (and by “whole” we mean THE WHOLE) dog was covered in ticks, very thin and with a lifeless front paw which she uses as a cane. They wandered what to do with her and decided  to bring her to us…

DSC_0712 DSC_0832

After putting tick powder on her  (it’s raining ticks, hallelujah!) d-e Hristov found that her left paw is completely gone and senseless. After a few days when she is stabilized and less anemic she will need an amputation of her front leg. Otherwise she will keep carrying it like a cane, the wounds will keep getting bigger and the risk of infections and necrosis will be too big.

The price for the surgery so Ticky can become a happy and healthy dog is 120 BGN.


Two kind girls found her in a very bad condition about a month ago in Chelopechene. They took care of her, but besides getting happier and gaining weight, Shushka didn’t improve much. They brought her to us for testing, d-r Hristov found she had malasezia, but he has serious suspicions there is more to this girl.

DSC_0753 DSC_0757

Shushka will stay with us for treatment an uncertain amount of time. The doctor wants to have her tested for hypothyroidism, and that is a test we cannot carry out orselves.

The price of the test (with the hormones and glass) which Shushka needs so we can diagnose her baldness is 40BGN.

A war on parasites

Fighting parasites is a main task for anyone who wants to have a shelter full of happy, healthy animals. Besides the tapeworms, round-warms and heart-worms there are plenty of horrid single- and multi-cellular parasites we must guard our animals from. The rains have finally stopped and we are spraying heavily for ticks (we use Sebacil that we have purchased in a larger quantity back in Bogrov). But the dogs still need two more things.

Dr Hristov looking for parasites 

Besides Shushka our improvised hospital is currently treating 6 more dogs with skin-illness, we use Ivermectine. The warm weather is back too, so we must start treating the dogs for heartworm preventatively as well. Please, be so kind and help us buy the precious drug – it assists in keeping 207 good dogs free of the deadly heartworm, transferred through mosquito bites. We need 5 bottles this month.

The price of the Ivermectine we need for June 2014 is 60 BGN.

Ivermectine does not cover all the internal parasites so we need to administer it in combination. We rotate different drugs to be sure that we have covered all possible parasites (and there are many). This month it is again the turn of our favorite Cestal, but we don’t have enough of it. We need a total of 480 tablets and have only 320. We have to order 160 more, so we can give it to each of the dogs.

The price of the Cestal the shelter needs for June 2014 is 160 BGN.

How to help them

It is a total of 600 BGN (E307) that is needed so our hospital at the end of the city can take care of the patients in need.

> If you decide to donate a little something for Ticky, Shushka, Darma or our war on parasites, please CLICK HERE – you could donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia.

On behalf of the heroes in this story, we thank the people who will help with all our hearts!


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