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Еdir 10.05.2014

Rizhka and Algia after the surgeries

Edit 08.05.2014

On behalf of good Ivo,
on behalf of the loyal Algia,
on behalf of a very modest Rizhka,

The funds needed for the surgeries have been RAISED. The operations will be scheduled in the days ahead and, of course, we will keep you informed.

We hope life is as kind and generous to you as you are to the voiceless souls who have nothing.

The holidays were fun and joyful for most of the Farm’s inhabitants. There were some great walks and some lucky souls like Armagan, Astra, Apollo and Blacky went home to their new owners. Other friends, unfortunately, weren’t as lucky – they had to deal with medical problems. And very, very serious, too.

Please, meet the sweeties our vets fought for these last 10 days. We are unable to provide them the care they need – financial aid is needed. Without your help – Ivo, Rizhka and Algia will not be able to get their health back…


Our darling husky Churchill was at the CVC only for a check-up. He will need to go through a small intervention, but it is not an orthopedic problem. Two of the needles in his leg have slightly turned and it is a bit painful, so we will need to take them off soon. Otherwise his recovery is going fabulous and d-r Zlatinov is very pleased with the way things are going.


The boy can now use his leg freely and steps on it. He is currently on light pain-relief because of the needles, but is otherwise in perfect shape. There isn’t a date yet for the change of the needles, d-r Zlatinov is still thinking how to make it easy for Churchill and cheap for us.



Peter’s recovery is going great – if you remember he is a guy who got help thanks to your generosity with the 12 apostles. All is fine with him, he didn’t even need an x-ray. D-r Zlatinov checked him and is very pleased with his recovery.



You probably know sweet Bay – such a good girl – she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Sadly, a few months ago she begun limping with both her front legs and it turned out she needs surgery on both legs. The price was absolutely impossible – 1350 leva. After a long deliberation we decided the shelter cannot spend so much on one single dog. And still – Bay got her two surgeries. As a gift from the Animal Rescue Sofia Chairlady – Nadia. She talked with the kind doctors at the CVC and arranged a scheduled payment plan. The little fox was successfully operated by d-r Zlatinov.


Bay was on her control exam this week. Her right elbow joint received an arthrodesis from the doctor, her left leg a corrective osteotomy. The joint is well, but the right leg where a small piece was taken to correct an old fracture isn’t healing properly. It looks like this will be a long recovery. Bay now lives with Grandad Rick and counts the crows – no exercise for her for quite a while. Keep your fingers crossed!


We told you in detail how the 12 apostles are recovering and how little Jack is doing. Things are going very well with them – all thanks to the donors whose generosity and quick reaction saved their lives.


And this is Figaro the kitten. We got a distress call about a kitty, ran over by a car. He was broken in two. The x-rays showed a broken back. Poor boy has no sensitivity in his back legs and he will always need assistance to be able to pee and poo.


As you can see in the photos, Figaro is an amazing, purring angel, about 7-8 months old. Even during the daily procedures he cannot stop hugging and cuddling – he is an incredibly sweet boy.


Thanks to his resemblance to Puffy – another paralyzed kitty that found a home in Austria, Figaro managed to find fosters in the matter of minutes! There, he will wait until the time comes for him to be transported to Austria where wonderful people are already waiting for him to arrive!



Richie might not luck his best now, but you just wait and see – when he recovers from his heavy surgery he will be the best-looking Shih Tzu in the world!


This darling black boy was dumped in the street with a severe infection – malasezia. Half his hair is gone and with it – his self-esteem. The little boy spends his time cuddled in the corner of his crate, when you go near him he wags his little tail, but also shivers – he doesn’t know what to expect from people and is still surprised to get a hug instead of a kick.


Nando is about 1 year old, when he is healthy he will become a lovely dog – one of those who get the most cuddles. He is in for a long recovery, but lucky for him – it will happen in a foster family, he just needs to stop being infectious to get there.


Ivo Ivo-1

Ivo is Maxes brother – from the same litter of sweet white mice. Now, unfortunately, it turned out that he has the same problem – a partially torn knee ligament. In a way – he was lucky. Since the volunteers have been doing miracles these last weeks and the dogs are walked just as they should – long and tiring – we noticed the limp before it is too late. In fact –  Ivo has better chances of a faster recovery (Max needed 6 months), because the ligament is not yet completely torn.


Ivo is one of the three dogs asking for your help. His surgery is expensive, but it will give him a chance to recover relatively fast. He is a wonderful, smart, happy, kind dog that is always smiling. He deserves all the help in the world…


Algia’s name used to be Sarah, we’ve known her for a while. She had been to the shelter a year ago, brought by her owner, because she couldn’t walk properly. Then, we underestimated the problem and thought it was her way of life. She is a dog that used to live in the forest with many others – they guarded a large herd of pigs – a difficult and responsible task. They were taken care of, but as working dogs, not as pets. So, when after all Algia tore a knee and sat down permanently without a perspective of walking, her owner brought her to us – for euthanasia.


Only this good girl doesn’t deserve such a quick death. She is a smart, loyal, kind creature who wants nothing more than to serve her people till her last breath. Her problem is not simple – the knee ligaments were torn, because she suffers from a congenital bone rotation. This condition requires a serious surgical correction. D-r Zlatinov thinks Algia can be operated and spend her days pain-free, running, jumping, flying… whatever she feels like.


The price for Algia’s surgery is large, since both back legs are affected. To her great luck we found a sponsor to cover half of her costs. This makes her plea more realistic, it is a possible goal. But, without your help – it cannot be achieved…


Rizhka (if you are asking for her at the CVC, ask for “Pleshka” – she was completely bald when we first brought her there) is the third dog who got a diagnosis thanks to the long walks the volunteers have been providing for the dogs in the new place.


She is a dog that has been permanently subscribed to our vet’s care. It took a long, long time to find out a hypothyroidism was causing all her skin problems and she is finally better with it. But it was only recently that we discovered her other chronic problem – she began limping after she was walked for a longer time. We took her to make x-rays and it turned out both back legs had a problem.

Sadly, poor Rizhka has a torn knee ligament on one leg and a crooked bone on the other (as d-r Zlatinov explained to us – one leg is like Max, the other like Peter Pan). Sadly, it seems this condition is a source of pain which the good girl has been keeping quiet about all this time.


There are no other perspectives ahead of Rizhka – she must either have surgery or be put to sleep humanely. And that would be a great sin, as she is a strong, kind creature that has been holding on firmly to life despite all the difficulties. Each of the surgeries she must have is not that expensive itself, but there are two… Whether they will take place is all up to you, friends.


It is a total of 1600 BGN (E 820) that is needed so we can provide Ivo, Rizhka and Algia the care they need so badly.

> If you decide to donate a little something for these kind dogs CLICK HERE – you could donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia.

We are very grateful to every donor who will join this effort.
Please, if you are donating for a specific animal, add a note to your payment – if we are unable to raise everything needed we will chose the dog/s to be operated through your donor’s will.


Among so many happy and sad news – a tiny space for celebration.
We cordially wish the amazing doctor and surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov a very happy birthday!

vladi vladi2 vladi4

We can hardly praise this professional as much as he deserves it, but we can thank him.

For all the lives you saved.
For all the “impossible” surgeries you have performed.
For all your discounts and free inventions.
For being so cool.
We hope you are healthy, loved and just as wonderful – to the joy of humans and animals.

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