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Mrs Sylvana Stierschneider-Penkner of Tierhilfe Seuden had pressed charges against the vet, responcible for the euthanasia of Jerry – the dog whose legs were chopped off by a savage in the village of Traykovo. As you know – Jerry’s case touched the hearts of many – he was taken in to Bogrov shelter and found a wonderful home with Sanny Schulz at Kleine Tiere by Mrs Sonya Mitreva of Tierhilfe Seuden. The tragedy happened on his journey to safety – he was stolen and euthanised “for humane reasons” by a lady who was supposed to keep him for 2 days before his new owners took him. Since Jerry was in the formal ownership of Tierhilfe Seuden, chairlady Mrs Stierschneider has filed a lawsuit against the veterinary who put the dog to sleep without the TS written concent, thus killing him illegaly. We will keep you informed on the outcome of the trial.

There were many questions raised about the wellbeing of Tommy – the dog that Jerry travelled with. We want to emphasize one more time that it was not Tommy’s adoptee Manuela Auberle who put Jerry to sleep as some have misunderstood. Tommy is safe and sound with his family, sending tail-wags:

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