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I love you. You saved my life.

This is Maddy from Kremikovtzi – hungry, unwanted, doomed, hopeless…
Let’s start over:

This is Sherry. Sherry who just got her biggest dream fulfilled! Sherry who will be telling her new owner Iskra Asenova “I love you!” every single day. “Thank you for saving me!”
Besides a wonderful human family, Sherry now also has a pug friend to invent mischef with to the joy and amazement of their proud owners.

But what was her destiny? Where would Sherry be today if she hadn’t been among the ones chosen to be taken into the Bogrov shelter? She would probably be trembling somewhere in the snow with an emty stomach and a desperate heart.

I was so hungry for so long that I will never be able to control my appetite.” Belka was rehomed in Germany.

We’ve been working in Kremikovtzi since the end of 2010. Much was achieved during this time. With your help hundreds of animals received food and medical help in this man-made desert.

When we began working in Kremikovtzi the factory was still property of the state and had a handful of workers wandering about it unpaid and restless. Today the factory has been sold and the new owners know what the future is. And they are positive – it doesn’t iclude any of the factory’s own orphans – the dogs. It is forbidden to feed the animals inside and through a few wholes in the frnce, divided in small groups the skinny dogs leave their grounds in a final durvival effort.

Our work in Kremikovtzi is nearing it’s end. We’ve neutered many animals, but we can’t say we neutered “all of them” or “most of them”, because this barren wasteland surprises us with new lost children every time we visit even after all these months.

From here on we will concentrate on rehoming as many of these dogs as possible. Don’t pass them by – take a look at the latest group of survivours HERE. They may not be glossy, but they have amazing souls if you have the eyes to see them.

I was so small and so frightened, I need love to get over this nightmare.” Monique was rehomed in Germany.

What have we achieved during our 16 months in Kremikovtzi:

  • We fed the dogs 11 500kg of food
  • Neutered 131 female dogs
  • Rehomed 37 adults and puppies
  • Took care of 62 injured and ill animals

We thank all the generous and kind people who have helped in the past and are continuing to help today financialy. We are still in need of support for all the food, medicines and transport costs for our Kremikovtzi buddies. To help them – donate HERE.

With the kind help of our friend Frank Nadler we finally have a translation to Ivan Kulekov’s film about our work. It includes much about Kremikovtzi dogs. Do take the time to watch it if you have not seen it yet:

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