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It will soon be a month since we managed to buy the Farm, move the animals and begin the reconstructions. The dogs are placed in temporary enclosures, the weekend walks are organized by the volunteers despite the harsh conditions, the keepers somehow manage to keep things going, everyone is mobilized. And whilst we are drowning in overhaul, plans, permits and engineering tasks (not to mention the dogs) – we can pinch ourselves – we are not dreaming! The Farm is a fact, it lives and pulsates stronger in the darkness with every nail hammered into its walls. For more information about the Farm reconstructions read this. Here we would like to introduce you to some more of our magician-compatriots who not only are helping a miracle take place, but are also planting a seed of hope that Spring is yet to come for our nation.

The kids from class 3-b at 23-rd Middle School, with the help of some awesome parents and teachers, made a project called “Hope for the homeless dogs”.

Not only did they take part in our educational program “Dogs! Dogs!” and distributed leaflets, they also put up donation boxes in their school and thus helped us renovate the Farm.

We needed to rent-out two scaffolds to change the plaster in the dog building. With what they succeeded to raise the kids rented out the one and the company that leases them STROYRENT helped out charge-free with the other!

detza uchilishte

On the photo you can see a dad of one of the 3-b students, who also works at Stroyrent, along with two smiling activists at the Farm. The kind people on the Stroyrent team also have given us a great discount on the construction panels we used to make temporary enclosures for the dogs.


An interesting fact about good young people: 23-rd School has released a questionary to 68 kids – on the topic of homeless animals. Only 11 have said they would not adopt a dog from a shelter and only 5 wouldn’t come to walk dogs at the Farm with us.

We greatly appreciate the support we are getting from donors and volunteers, we go forward thanks to you, friends. As in any repairs things happen slowly and painfully, only we get a little help from our friends!

kirov1 kirov2

Thanks to KIROV who provide us with all the machines we need to repair the Farm, we continue to take care of the pence whilst looking for additional financing opportunities.


The BOSCH representative for Bulgaria – KIROV have promised to provide any and all machines we might need completely free of charge! We are touched by their trust and very happy that we will be able to save money.

And last, but definitely not least – we want to thank a friend who has been there for us at the right time – Rossen Paskov. A friend in need is a friend in deed. Indeed, Rossen =)

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