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Dear friends,

For a first time of the existing of Animal Rescue Sofia, we must stop admitting visitors, volunteers and adopters in our shelter.

Yesterday, one of the litters, dumped in the Farm, showed simptoms of distemper and tests proved it.

We have had fought distemper and before, but this time, due to the reconstructions ongoing,  there is no infectous room for the sick ones, nor quarantine room for the ones in contact.

We took all possible measures to stop the epidemy and make sure the dogs are safe, but one of the measures is putting the whole shelter under quarantine. From today:

  • Visitors, adopters and volunteers are not allowed to enter the Farm!
  • Our clinic will not accept any new patients and animals in need.
  • No dogs will leave the Farm -when we understood about the distemper, our van was in Romania, on its way to Holland. Nevertheless all dogs in it are fully vaccinated, the van came back and the dogs are left for observation.
  • All dogs who participate in the adoption weekends will be the ones, living in foster homes, not in the shelter.

If 14 days from today, there are no new dogs with the desease (let’s hope this will be the case), the quarantine will be raised and we’ll start working normal again.

We realize that most shelters and oranizations wouldn’t risk their good name with admitting epidemy. This is not the case with us – the most important things for us are and always have been the safety of all animals and the honest relations with our supporters.



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