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Carina is 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, friendly and well behaved. She has been through many difficulties as a street dogs and now needs a home. This is what her foster writes about her:

Carina is almost two years old girl, middle sized. She is quite ordinary in appearance but meanwhile a very friendly and good hearted dog. I found her when I moved to our present company office in one of the outermost districts of Sofia. She was sterilized exactly one year ago and afterwards I returned her back to the street, where I still feed her together with her brothers and mother.

In May last year I found her after apparently hit by a car and as it proved she had a serious abdominal trauma and had to undergo an urgent surgery. After it she had a long rehabilitation period which she spent at my place. Afterwards I took her back to my office surrounding and placed her in a yard where she still is. She has a little house in it but she is tied all the time as she is running a lot after cars and I’m afraid that she would be injured again.

I wish she can live a different live rather than this but I have no choice now. She was vaccinated last year and has a passport.

The lady residing at that house is a poor one and simply a tenant there so Carina can very easily become again a stray dog. The conditions of living there are not good and I don’t know for how long I will be nearby to influence the situation. Carina is very nice to people, just cats might be a problem to live with. When she lived in my place she learned all hygienic habits required for a home dog.

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