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Do you  know Ike and Tara – a mother and her son? The two of them came to Bogrov 2 months ago. Ike is 5, Tara is 8, they had a good life and were well taken care of – just the regular Sofia pets. We talked to some neighbours and even the vet who had cared for their health – these dogs were supposed to be safe and happy…

Suddenly, a month ago – their owner left the country and simply dumped them on the street. What kind of person do you have to be to do such a thing – we can’t even imagine it… The dogs were wandering around the street together, bedazzled and confused, but never leaving each other. Kind neighbours brought the lost couple to us.

Photo 1: Ike and Tara; Photo 2: Tara; Photo 3: Ike

We immedeately begun looking for new, loving owners. We wanred to keep the two together, as they really love each other. Both dogs are very social, friendly and housebroken – we never expected to keep them even for a week – the two were excellent pets. But – we only got inquiries after Ike – because he is younger, noone wanted Tara, not to mention the two of them together…

And the dogs were really a family – so close and kind to each other, a pack of 2 that withstood all difficulties life threw at them. So, we dedcided – the two can only go to a home where they can be together.

Dear friends, Ike and Tara are now happy in Austria! They will never be separated and will have the most wonderful lives together!!!

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