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Bogrov shelter

The Bogrov shelter is now CLOSED and we are working in a new place not far from it – The Farm.

If you came to this page looking for a place that is currently called “Bogrov shelter” you need the Municipal Shelter in Gorni Bogrov. CLICK HERE for coordinates.


Bogrov Shelter 2010-2013

DSC09247 DSC09248

Three long years have we worked in the shelter. 2500 left it to go to warm, loving families. 5 700 were neutered. The people who worked alongside us in this quest know the amount of love, care, sleepless nights each 1 in these large numbers have cost us.

DSC09124 DSC09128

And so, the time came to take a last look about the place where we worked over the last 1000 days. Without the shelter team, the volunteers and the dogs these are just a few rooms in two buildings and only we – the people who did their best so that this place to run – know what it caused to be ran properly…

DSC09121 DSC09129

This place has seen its equal share of happiness and grief. We left it with no regrets, knowing that the time has come for something better; the time came for us to move on to the Farm!

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