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Blueberry took us by a storm and everything happened so quickly and urgently that by the time we knew it, it was over.

Hit by a car, the x-ray provided us with the following information about the peanut:
1) fracture left wing of ilium; 2) acetabular fracture on the left; 3) physeal fracture of the left femoral head; 4) fracture left pubis; 5) fracture left pelvic, with free fragment of ischium; 6) spinal fracture suspected.

For her (and our) luck, Dr. Zlatinov is not one of the doctors who would operate without need. He evaluated fractures of the pelvis as subject to healing with conservative treatment and operated only on the hip head.

The decision turned out to be right – the very next day, Blueberry began to stand up and act, as if nothing had happened. And since all the drama of finding her and operating on her took place within a few hours, we never really got to know the broken Blueberry. We directly received the reassembled Blueberry, who overall wanted to eat and cuddle.

Now the girl is bored in the clinic after being put on a strict rest protocol – no jumping, no walking. Very soon, however, Blueberry is about to be completely healed and ready to conquer new peaks.

We’d like to thank all of you who support us – only together we can help the blueberries around!

We’d like to thank Dr. Zlatinov as well – not only for the precise surgery but also for once again taking on an unexpected emergency patient on his day off! And, generally – for always putting patients first!

Blueberry sends her regards!

Photo credit: Lemonade PhotoStories

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