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A whole container, or putting it to correct numbers – a total of 5 202 old phones were collected by you, dear friends, to aid the homeless animals through the most unusual and nature-preserving fund-raising campaign we have ever seen!


The mobile appliances were collected in total by the amazing Reusum Charity back in February and are now all priced and neatly packed on their way to Belguim for renovation or recycling. As you know, for every old, priceless phone, the company donated 1 BGN, the rest were bought at an international pricelist.

Thus – you didn’t just save nature hundreds of kilograms of toxic waste, you also made a great contribution to the Farm reconstructions – a huge donation of 5 567, 33 Bulgarian leva!

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The Reusum Charity team and their little assistant Biggy are happy with your phenomenal achievement at the company’s office.

Thank you for joining us, dear donors!
Your activism and level of participation are tearing down the apocalyptic predicaments for our future on a daily basis. We are happy to know you, to be counting on you, that our dogs have such determined friends on their sides.


We thank the wonderful team at Second Life Electronics (the company behind the Reusum Charity brand) for their dedication and support!
Dear people, you’ve been more than awesome – it is rare to meet a team so hard working and friendly. A team of persons who care not only of their own success, but also for the development of the world around us, as pompous as it might sound – progress was always fired by engines like you. We wish you loads of luck!


We thank the kind people at, who gave up their share of phones to aid The Farm!
Just like us – “ – laws decoded” is a social project created people by people who want to change our reality. What they do is to “decode” the laws in a way that everyone can understand them, making people more aware of their legal rights. Their “Rights” sector gives you a specific situation and give you an idea of the rights you can use and the obligations you have: what you can do if you are stopped by traffic police; what’s a leasing and what needs to be known in advance about it; what your employer is allowed to fine you for; what are your rights as a rent-holder and many, many more – important stuff from our everyday lives – easy and free of charge. We use this website with a great relief and wish it a great future!


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  • Birgit Papke
    Posted 08/04/2014 18:33 0Likes

    what great ideas you always have to create support for the farm and the dogs !

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