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(Don’t mind the date – it’s wrong, these are fresh photos of Belcho in his new home)

Belcho was a dog who lived for 3 years outside an orphanage – he was the kids’ favorite dog. One day the director of the orphanage was changed and the dog suddenly became a huge threat for the children. She called Ecobalance and the dog was removed as an aggresive, dangerous animal. This so called aggressive animal was visited by kids from the orphanage every weekend. He was lonely and confused in the shelter. But he must have been born under a lucky star! He is now adopted in a wonderful family with a boy who came many times and chose wisely before he let his mother know which dog he liked the most: “Belcho, he is the best!”. Before we let him go Belcho was operated for a small tumor on his leg, but he is almost heald and in a good mood already! Good luck Belcho, this is the best life for you!

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