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It’s been two months since we took in the thinnest (living) dog that we had ever seen. The walking dead that we called Nedelcho was barely standing. One of his pictures, where he is seen shivering in the corner of our office desk horrified you:

DSC_6399 DSC_6757

Today, we suppose it would be hard for you to recognize the former suffering Nedelcho. The boy is full of life and has become one of those dogs that look you in the eye and constantly seek some way to get more hugs. You can see him on the photos with Vessy, his second most favorite person in the shelter, of course – after Svetlio who was the one to rescue him:

DSCN0820 DSCN0821

Nedelcho is about 3 years old, neutered, vaccinated and healthy. He is expecting his people with a great anticipation and excitement!

DSCN0816 DSCN0817 DSCN0819


DSCN8114 DSCN8116

He is called this way, because a car had hit him straight across from the National Library “St.Cyril and St Methody”. He is also somewhat of a Saint so we think it really suits him. You know him – he got a huge gift from you – keeping his front leg. He is one of the kindest and most wonderful dogs at the shelter – an amazingly friendly and sweet dog. Everyone loves him and visa versa.

DSCN8955 DSCN8959

We hope to soon find the clever family whom would like to share their life with an honest, loyal, smart, good dog. Cyril is young, neutered, vaccinated and can make you so happy – you’d be smiling for no reason all day!


The fun, the jolly, the playful Snejana has so many thanks to give to people – she is really grateful that you saved her leg. Thanks to your generosity she was operated successfully and after a few months of rehabilitation is up and running!

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Now that she is on 4 legs and with an even more enthusiastic approach to the world Snejka awaits her new people to find her at the shelter. She is a very good and playful girl – full of games and adventures. She is great with all other animals and is a source of never-ending fun for them.

DSCN8873 DSCN8875

Snejana is young, neutered, vaccinated, healthy and cannot wait to meet her new family!


Good, Better, Strahil – that’s how it goes and there are not enough words to describe the kindness of this former poor boy and current lovely young man. Strahil (the friend of Suncho) came to us a long time ago and very ill, but with your kind help he was brought back to life and esthetics.


Besides being an exceptionally good-looking animal he is also a gentleman, smart and kind. He was severely bitten by his inmates two months ago, so the poor guy had to recover from that as well. Unfortunately with shelters like this one – this is always a risk, even the bestest of dogs shouldn’t be put into cages for long.

DSCN8963 DSCN8973

Strahil (means Scary) is everything BUT scary. He is young, vaccinated, neutered and absolutely ready to love and bring joy to his family till Kingdom comes.

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