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Those beautiful dogs are mother and son. She – Celeste – is around 3-4 years old. He – Trolla – is about a year old. And that is how their story begins:

Once upon a time there was this cute newborn puppy. It came to earth and the first thing she knew was love and a warm mother’s hug. Little by little surrounded by a lot of love and cares this puppy started growing and become more and more beautiful. And with time came dreams – dreams for own home and loving family. Not much after that the dream came true. Some people really liked the little puppy and probably bought it from a pet shop. They named the dog Celeste and that’s how her new life in their home began.


But as in every story our character should see some troubles before the happy ending comes. At some point Celeste gave birth to puppies – how much and what was their story we don’t know. About an year later this beautiful girl is abandoned together with her son – Trolla, in front of a house in a village near Sofia. What happened with their story that from the life of home pets they became quite useless stray dogs? Probably we will never know. The life on the streets wasn’t easy for our heroes. They were left at a completely unfamiliar place, battling for survival. And like this wasn’t enough the people from the neighborhood didn’t like them and started chasing them. That is how they came to us.

Trolla at the begining

Trolla had this name because of his haircut and because of his mistrust to people ate the beginning. Today he is very different and with good behavior. Celeste and Trolla are waiting for their new people in Bogrov. Let’s make their happy endings possible!

Trolla today

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    Thank you God, and said a quick Lord please let my grass be cut today! Fastfoward to the atorenofn, in the rain, the grounds crew cut my grass down to ankle height, again I just gave God the glory. Then after an hour when the sun came out, My neighbor came and cut it all the way down and proceeded to edgeup the grass that was hanging over onto my walkway! All Glory goes to God!

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