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8 days ago, we shared with you our concern that – with the new pellet prices – this winter we will not be able to heat even the clinic, let alone the shelter.

SOHO – Sofia Holistic Coworking Company and Ador Barador – bandanas with a mission came to the rescue right away and offered to set up an eighth in a row SoDOGGY • bandana for a baggy, only this time, to fund the pellet sacks together!

An old-time donor of ours then offered to double the amount for any purchase – not only of the products physically purchased on 5.11, but also all other donation to our accounts with a basis for payment “Bandana for Baggy” or “Heating”.

Once again, we are amazed by your generosity, dear friends!

So far, the campaign has collected:
BGN 4824!
EUR 901.32!
100 Canadian Dollars!
Or a total of 6727 BGN!!!!

We look forward to seeing you at SOHO this Saturday, between 12 am and 6 pm, to turn the frosty winter for our waifs into the most ordinary season!

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