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It was a lovely day at the Embassy! 603BGN were raised at a bake sale for Animal Rescue Sofia.  With a huge table of muffins, brownies, cookies and cakes the children of the Anglo-American School of Sofia did their best to raise donations for the animals of the Bogrov shelter.  They had already collected 132BGN between themselves at the school, and also brought food, treats and toys for the animals. Grado the poodle was once again an ambassador for the animals in need and he became a major attraction in the fundraiser.

Perhaps the day was most important for our little kitten Tootsie! She was rehomed with a loving family at the Embassy – Cynthia and Milton. The kind couple’s elderly cat recently passed and they needed a new friend for their 5-year old Catrina Hurricane rescue – Tiger. Tootsie now has a new name – Sofi, and she has become a friend with her new “brother” already!

Our regards to the US Embassy, the AASS pupils, Mrs.Cathy Seigl and Mrs.Elizabeth Petrie for being there for the animals!

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