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This black pitbull had been abandoned at the Seslavci municipal dogs pound by his idiot owners. He had been used for fighting, but still cared so much for people – his only idea was to squeeze in thorugh the bars to get some volunteer attention.

Whilst at the municipal pound his face became very infected and began to swell up.  As the problems grew the volunteers realized this dog will not live very long if untreated. As the municipal shelter offers no medical help for the dogs outside of neutering, they brought him to the Bogrov clinic for treatment.

The boy was treated and showed improvement quite quickly – he is a strong dog who  obviously has seen much hardship in his life. Pitbulls usually find homes very hard. At this very moment we have 4 pits at the shelter waiting for love and not much hopes of finding the right people for them.

But – this boy has a stroke of luck thanks to the volunteers at the Dara animal help. He was found a caring owner and went home to him straight from the clinic. As you can see – the boy couldn’t be more satisfied!

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