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Peter and d-r Nikolova enjoying the fabulous new mini-van!

We are thrilled to announce the purchase of an ARSofia vehicle – thanks to the kindness and generocity of Anita and her husband Jean-Louis from Belgium. The family has made a generous donation in order for us to be able to buy a car for the needs of Animal Rescue Sofia. We found the perfect vehicle – a spacey, hard-working Ford Turneo, sold to us with a discount by Moto-Pfohe.

We can never thank Anita and Lowie enough. We have prepared a small interview with Anita to let you know how we got this fabulous donation:

Lowie and Anita among their crowd of rescued dogs in Belgium

– Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your family?
– I live together with my husband Jean-Louis in Belgium. I got 2 grown kids, they left the house. I got now 8 dogs / 7 cats / 2 indoor little pigs / 4 big outdoor pigs / 2 donkeys / 2 goats / 2 geese / 40 chickens… Most of the animals are saved from awfull situations, slaugtherhouse, killingstations etc.
Since I was a kid, animals have been always very import to me, they are so innocent and helpless. We just want to do everything to help and save animals. 5 years ago we became real vegetarian, the idea that 23 animals are killed for me every year for food makes me sick. And Jean-Louis became also vegetarian some years ago, since that day he tries to convince everybody to be a veggie. He is selling potatoes and vegetables and he is driving in a big truck to his customers with on the side boards text standing like: animals are our friends, don’t eat them.

– Would you tell us about your dogs – the photo shows so many happy tails – who are they and where do they come from?
-I want to introduce first the 4 dogs from Portugal; they are adopted some years ago via a shelter/ngo in Portugal.
Marja ( looks like a sheperd) was raped many times, they broke some of the ribs and they tied her at a doghouse next to a bowl of food.. but because the lash was always to short, she could only see and smell the food.  Then when she was almost dying they gave her the bowl with food… Petra she was found on the street as a puppy, she was trowned full of tar.. she was sticked on the road. Because she was so young and looks full of live in her eyes the NGO deciced not euthanise her but save her. Henny was thrown from a balcony from the 4th flour and broke many bones. The 4th dog from Portugal was just a lucky guy.
Lies and Sjonnie and the other dogs are from a shelter in Belgium. Lies got only one eye and is deaf, Sjonnies leg was broken and can not walk very good. Some dogs I saved from the shelter are so old (12 years old and older) , I just want to give them a last nice peacefull place to die.
And all my cats are also handicapped, they are blind, 3 legs, 1 eye etc.

-How did you get to know about Animal Rescue Sofia?
-I know Animal Rescue Sofia via my friend Birgitta. I think that the work you are doing is just fantastic!
You realised so many things in one year time! e.g. the castration/sterilisations of dogs, you are working together with the municipality / media and of course very important you are trying to convince people in Sofia that they have to adopt a dog from Animal Rescue Sofia instead of buying a pedigree dog. This is the only solution to stop the streetdog problem/suffering.

– How did you decide to make such a donation?
– We are not rich but we are working hard and never go on a holiday, so that we can give this money to animals (help and save lives and stop suffering)  We gave this donation to you because you are doing such a great work and we hope that more people will see that you can do this work only if you are getting support and donations!
You are making a difference for animals in Sofia! and because we learned that you need a car to help more animals, we deciced to give this money to you. Please continue the great work and we hope that on one day there are only happy dogs with an owner :))

Anita, Lewie and Marja infront of their veggie truck saying: Animals are our friends, don’t eat them!

Animal Rescue Sofia thanks Anita and Lowie, wishing them long, healthy lives in happiness – we are thrilled to be recieving this amazing help from such wonderful people.



  • Annie Essers
    Posted 22/03/2011 21:16 0Likes

    Volgens mij zijn Anita en Jean Louis in hun vorige leven {als het bestaat}
    hond,kat of een ander dier geweest,wandt zoals zij aanvoelen wat dieren denken,
    voelen en proberen te zeggen,zij verstaan en begrijpen wat in dieren omgaat.
    Zij voelen het leed ,het onrecht en proberen met alles wat in hun macht ligt
    er wat aan te doen.
    Altijd staan zij klaar voor de dieren. vele dieren hebben na veel ellende in hun
    huis een warme plek gevonden,waar ze vrij en blij kunnen leven.
    Van zo,n mensen heb ik groot respect,De schenking van deze prachtige auto komt
    recht uit hun hart
    Lieve Anita Lieve Jean Louis met jullie daad worden vele dieren weer gered.
    Dikke kussen

  • Irene van Wingerden
    Posted 22/03/2011 17:11 0Likes

    Tndeed Anita en Jean Louis are the most animal-loving people in this world. More people like them… it would be a wonderful world for all animals.

  • Marcella
    Posted 17/03/2011 09:52 0Likes

    I’m speachless…. If all people were like Anita and Jean Louis the world would be a beautiful place.

  • Chana Rosenbaum
    Posted 16/03/2011 15:37 0Likes

    Yes Anita and Jean-Louis are an inspiration every time you meet them. They are a blessing to all the animals who get in touch with them directly or indirectly, and to people who care for animals and sometimes might loose hope. Anita and Lowie you are lovely.

  • Birgitta
    Posted 15/03/2011 22:31 0Likes

    what a beautifull car!
    and in May I can see the car:))

  • Maia
    Posted 15/03/2011 19:39 0Likes

    Anita & Louis,

    A BIG,BIG,BIG THANK YOU from all of us here!You are a true inspiration!!!

  • Sabina
    Posted 15/03/2011 15:29 0Likes

    Anita and Lowie, people like you make the world a better place! 🙂

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