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Stella Raycheva from Animal Rescue Sofia and d-r Marina Ivanova from the Bulgarian Branch of Vier Pfoten stood against a Mr.Radoslav Toshev – member of the Sofia Municipal Council from the governing GERB party.

Mr.Toshev, Municipal Counceller for a 9-th year in a row was amazingly arrogant, much in the tone of his colleague D-r Naydenov.

Some of his increadible comments on the neutering in Sofia:
“These dogs are neutered and wether there is a half or a whole ovary left, nature finds a way for them to reproduce again.”

Mr. Toshev also stated that the Municipality gave 250 000E to the NGO’s. When he received a suttle reaction from Stella and Marina he overlooked the remerk with a “Well, not you exactly”.

According to the Sofia counceller the dogs are “bathed and washed” at Spay/Neuter centers and shelters are “dog farms”.

These and many more amazing and totally out of line comments can be heard throughout the 30 minute conversation in the studio. The video can be SEEN HERE – please, be patient with the adds and begin viewing from minute 12. (Sorry, the porgram is only available in Bulgarian)

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