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Members of our team had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Gerry Brudenell and Mr.Carol Lazar of SOS DOGS ORADEA and learn from their experience at 3 of their facillities. Our regards to SOS DOGS for the invitation and warm welcoming.

The shelter and neutering station of Oradea has a little over of 300 dogs and a staff of 15 people. This facillity has over 6 000 dogs neutered and vaccinated since the municipality of Oradea signed contract with FPCC in 2003.

The shelter and neutering station of Margita is home to about 150 dogs and is something very special – an enclosed piece of land, about 5 000 square meters with a little river running through it where the dogs are able to live in a natural environment and basically have the time of their lives while being sipervized and found homes for. The neutering station has the capacity of about 120 dogs per month. We were welcomed by friendly staff and tail wagging buddies to show us around:

The open shelter ouside the city was something we had never seen before – a large number of dogs, most of which have had behavioral issues, living in perfect harmony on over 60 hectares of land. The concept is something new and we were astonished to see so many happy, healthy and well behaved animals live together peacefully.

Our warmest thanks to Gerry, Carol and their wonderful team for the hospitality and know-how. We hope we can continue to work together and learn from their experience in the future.Visit the SOS DOGS ORADEA website to learn more about their fabulous results in the North-West of Romania in the last decade.

We’ve aquired the SOS DOGS ORADEA educational booklet for children and will start work on producing it’s copy in Bulgarian right away.

The journey was overwhelming. One of the things that impressed us was the general good attitude that the people on Bihor county have to their homeless dogs. SOS DOGS has had over 3 000 dogs adopted localy from their station in Oradea. The change of attitude and the understanding of the Spay&Neuter and Return concept is undoubtedly a product of the excellent educational work of SOS DOGS in the county and their cooperation with the municipality. We hope to be back in Romania soon for our own continuing education.


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