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CONGRATULATIONS to Veneta Tosheva who is now officialy the owner of one of the sweetest puppies in the world – Aria.

Aria was one of 4 puppies that we found dumped in October. The litter was only 20 days old, they had been out all night and 2 of the tiny puppies didn’t make it and passed on the next day. The two tiny little girls that remained were supposed to not stand a chance – Aria and Callia were so tiny and helpless that we were sure they wouldn’t make it.

But the girls insisted on living and month after month proved their right of existence by being kind, cute and very much alive. Unfortunately that is rarely quite enough. The two girls were also very lonely and quite cold. Aria and Callia were the two tiniest inhabitants of Bogrov. And with the adoption of Aria it is now her sister who bears the title “Peanut #1”.

Read the story of these little angels – CARDBOARDBOX PUPPIES and perhaps your heart could melt too, just like Veneta’s. Callia is so much in need of love and protection. This is her. A tiny little lonely heart from the shelter still waiting for love. Callia:

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