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Alice in Wonderland? Are you sure?

If a pessimist takes a look at Alice’s life, probably he would say Alice has a very, very bad luck.
She was born in someone’s home, but left with her mother for only 2 weeks!

Then she and her siblings found themselves in a cardbox and thrown away. And among all 9, Alice was the one to somehow break her leg. And because of that, she is the only one, still living in the shelter, after all her siblings were adopted.

The optimist, though, would see something else!

Puppies, taken away from the mother so early and left on the street, had almost zero chance of survival.

Yet, the box with Alice ended up in our shelter and all 9 survived!
Yes, Alice has a broken leg, but she heals so well, soon no one will be able to say it happened!
She may be was left behind to wait for her adopter, but probably this is, because she is waiting for someone really special!

Tell us, isn’t that good luck? Aren’t miracles happening to Alice?


Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

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