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The past two weeks at the shelter were simply amazing: 18 dogs and 2 cats found their loving homes locally, here in Bulgaria.
Meet the lovely people who chose to adopt their best friend from us:

празник йоан

First, to greet all the kids for June 01 – Kids Day, is Yoan! Yoan is 6 years old and has a wonderful mother who knows there is nothing better for a kid than to grow up together with their best friend. Together, they chose a 3-month old little girl with a very friendly and cheerful character. Love and light to all good creatures!

Second in the list – our wonderful Kubrick! He came to us almost 4 years ago, when we were at our old shelter and no one has noticed him ever since.

kubrick (2) kubrick1

Kubrick was adopted by Vanio Ivanov. He will live in a little house outside, but he will be loved and well looked after at his new home – a huge garage that needs good guarding at night. Kubrick and Vanio hit it off immediately, he has called us a few times since then and we’ve heard nothing but good news about Kubrick. We are so happy to finally see him out of the cage!

0 jimmy jimmy (1)

Lovely little angel Jimmy, who has lived in the street so far, found his home with Maria Popova and her family! We are sure he will turn into a gorgeous guy quickly, with all the love he is getting, he will be the prince of the neighborhood!

mikronchik mikronchik1

We turned to you in desperation – Micron, the smallest 1-month old kitten we’ve ever seen, needed to get out of the shelter urgently. We thank Katerina Zaharova and her man from all our hearts, for offering him a chance in their home, so he can grow up to be a big, healthy guy!


Our other lucky kitten is tiny Lilly. She was adopted by Gamle and Murat Senel – a lovely Turkish family who are living here temporarily. When the time comes to go home, Gamle and Murat will bring Lilly along to Istambul.

The tiny furless Yorkie we called Baby found her right place!

0 baby baby (1)

But not without complications. She was first adopted with a family that has a second dog. After a few difficult days in which it would not accept Baby, she came back to the shelter. We didn’t lose hope and called Nina Valcheva – another lovely person who had offered Baby a home.

Nina came, grabbed the girl and promised her to never, ever, ever leave her, and the two went home together. Baby’s new name is Maya – you can see her on the video – bravely guarding her new home… from the balcony. We thank Nina for giving her this chance, we hope she will also get healthier soon and the two will be very happy in a long future together!

We are incredibly happy to announce that Tsako, a hero of this year’s calendar has went home!!!

DSCN5472 pages calendar (3)

Our brave tiger came to the shelter 2 years ago, shot cruelly with a pistol in the chest. As a true hero, Tsako recovered amazingly and began a normal life – no question asked, no worries. Tsako was adopted by Mitko Petrov, the man who adopted our deaf Branimir. Mitko and his wife weren’t planning to have the two boys together, but Branko and Tsako surprisingly recognized each other and immediately formed a pack. Now they are very happy together, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

maya (1)

Another Maya on the list, only with some more class. Maya the pug was abandoned in an apartment and picked up by the landlady. It was enough to publish one single photo of her in the clinic, so her true person would step up. Maya is now happy and loved in the home of Anelia Sabeva!

ушко ушко1

One of our more difficult dogs – Ushko, was chosen to be a guard dog. The crazy bark-mashine will be deafening passers-by from the fence of Biliana Stoeva, who was simply charmed by his loud voice. We are very happy when a place is found for dogs like Ushko – to be a guard and not be tied up, that is a rarity in Bulgaria.

tritsvetno momiche (1)

A young tri-color girl with an amazing temperament we hadn’t named yet went home. Here, we knew her as “Kind tricolor”, and we are happy she found a great person to adopt her! She was chosen by Ilian Nedyalkov and we are sure he will be incredibly happy with his choice every day of their life together. Kind dogs come in different sizes and colors. We are so happy when they get chosen for the heart!

And finally, in case you haven’t heard, dear friends, BLIND PLAMEN IS ADOPTED!

00 пацо у дома при рози 1 00 пацо у дома при рози 2

He went to a lovely person, a friend and helper for many years, who prefers to remain anonymous. We can only say that he couldn’t have dreamed of a better adopter…

The world is great. And so is the good in it. We see it every day. Thanks to the miracles you do for the dogs, dear friends.
We will introduce you to Part II of our amazing adoption marathon tomorrow.
Loads of LOVE!

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