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Adopting your best friend from a shelter is generous and noble act. Fortunately, adopting becomes more and more popular way to get a pet in Bulgaria.

Yet, there are some misunderstandings and delusions, connected to this act and we would very much like to share them with you. Hopefully, we will manage to debunk them.

Delusion 1:
An adopted dog has no value

According Bulgarian laws, adopting a dog from a shelter is free and without any taxes or fees.

Sadly, for some people this mean, that the adopted dog doesn’t matter and has no value – it is a different kind of a dog, not as important as the dog you pay for.

It doesn’t matter at all where your dog comes from – it is a living creature with emotions, fears and memories! If you don’t think so, don’t get a dog, neither from a shelter nor a pedigree one!

Delusion 2:
Everything is better than life in a shelter

The amount of candidates, according who providing a good medical care, food, home and human company, is not necessary for adopted dogs, is way too big!

Too many people think that both dog and humans from the shelter should be grateful to any piece of bread, given to a shelter dog.

We all know even the best shelter is not a home. But adopting a dog means giving a home and family. Anything less than this means that probably you are not the best option and for the dog is better to wait a little bit longer in the shelter.

Delusion 3:

The adopted dog is not mine

(it belongs to the shelter)

Most of the candidates we meet are wonderful people, fully aware of the responsibility they are about to have. Yet, there are people, who consider the shelter is responsible for their adopted dog. Dewormings, annual vaccinations, vet bills, training – none of these isn’t their responsibility.  Once you adopt (or buy) a dog, it becomes your responsibility and you must fully aware of this.

Delusion 4:

Returning the adopted dog

Yes, we admit that sometimes there is nothing you can do and there is no way of providing good care further more. In cases like this, we also insist on taking the dog back in the shelter.
Yet, our experience shows, that many people consider “returning” the adopted dog to the shelter is something absolutely normal, even after you’ve been taking care of it for 2, 3, 5 years.
No, it is not normal. Your dog is not a chair from IKEA. And you are not “returning” it. You are abandoning it.



Delusion 5:

Adopted dogs don’t need medical care

Shelter dogs have strong immune system, they don’t need vaccines for the rest of their lives“
Adopted dog has no value, you don’t need to waste money on vets “

And many more idiotic beliefs, spread around. Our vets speak and explain but yet – only in one month, 3 of our adopted dogs were tested positive for heartworm, clearly because adopters didn’t take seriously our warnings.

Delusion  6:
Medical guarantee

It doesn’t matter if your dog comes from a shelter or a breeder, if it is a puppy or an adult – there is no such thing as medical guarantee. Do not expect that your adopted dog is not going to get sick. Ever.
All living creatures get sick sometimes. And the responsibility, including the financial part, for the treatment, will be yours. It is fine, if you cannot manage unexpected situation and ask for help. But it is wrong to expect that all medical expenses for your adopted dog will be paid by the shelter.

Delusion 7:

Adoption is made for your convenience

If you want to adopt a dog, the whole world must go in a way, that there is no need for you to make any efforts. Wrong. Taking care of a dog means you are willing to invest time and efforts in taking a dog. If you are not ready to do make any effort to get a dog, may be you are not ready to get a dog.

Delusion 8:

The adopted dog will be sick

Well, it depends also on the shelter you take your dog from as well, but still – most animal welfare organization invest much more efforts and money  in the dogs, than most of the merchants.

The dogs in “The Farm” are dewormed, deflead, vaccinated, tested for vector and infectious diseases and under the care of team of vets and professionals.

If you think of adopting a dog, make sure you are not into any of these delusions!

We tell you these things, not to change your mind and not adopting a dog.
We just want you to know, that taking a dog means giving it love, home and family forever.

If you are not willing to provide FOREVER HOME to a dog, just don’t take one!

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