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Dr Ursula Goetz
Dr. Ursula Goetz at ARSofia

Dr Ursula Goetz qualified as a vet in Germany but has actually never worked there, just before her final exams she took 6 months to work in conservation work in Namibia mainly with big cats.

After she qualified she moved to Northern Ireland and worked as a farm vet. From there she moved to the UK and has since (the last 15 years) worked as a small animal vet and the last ten years as the Head Vet of Mayhew. Ursula has worked in nearly 20 different countries and has taught vets from over 30 different countries.

Ursula has a certificate in small animal surgery and PG Cert in veterinary education.setting industry. Lorem Ip

During the last week we had the happiness of greeting here Dr Ursula Goetz. She came here with a mission – to improve the surgical skills of our vets, to give them tips on the most common operation we deal with – the spaying – and to make sure we follow high standards in our work with the animals.

We are extremely grateful that Dr Goetz included us in her busy schedule!

Not only in medicine – in all professions it is important to continue learning and improving.
We believe that education is the key and we have big plans in this area – not only for animal owners and children, but also for us and our colleagues in animal welfare and veterinary studies.

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