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EDIT 31/05/2016

By a wonderful person, who prefers to remain anonymous.
We can simply say Plamen’s dreams must have come true, he could never ask for a better friend.
We thank the amazing R. for giving him a second life, a hand to hold in the silent darkness…

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ORIGINAL POST 24/05/2016

Plamen hasn’t lived alone his whole life. Someone was once good to him. Taught him to trust, to love.

But that was a long time ago. Before the blindness, the deafness, the abandonment, before the hunger. Before Plamen fell off the railway crossing.

plamen (1)

When d-r Stankova and Svetlio were called to assist 112 on an emergency call for a helpless dog, fallen off a high bridge, the flies had already recognized Plamen as a corpse.

plamen (2)

The man who called in – Plamen Georgiev, was waiting on the spot and had even managed to prepare a ladder so we can reach the dog.

plamen (3)

We pulled him in somehow and he didn’t mind.

There is a particular moment when you sense that a friend who has lost hope puts his trust in you. It is a kind of magic that cannot be explained with words…

plamen (4)

We named him Plamen. He is about 7-8 years old, looks like a black Brittany, his tail is cut off. He has no broken bones. Probably because he is so very thin and weak, that he fell like a feather from that bridge…

plamen (5)

But – he is blind and deaf. He has a hard time walking, getting about, he is very confused.

plamen (6)

We will treat him and feed him well. Until his eyes shine with joy and his tail wags happily…

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