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Have you smiled today yet? If not, we give you the best reason to show your pearl smile – a bunch of happy stories from our cats.

Let’s begin with the newest German-residents – Nerri and Bonaparte.



Nerri faced a lot of challenges on the road of finding her people. The long waiting was worth it and now we can announce with a smile that the black panther lives happy life in Germany.


Bonaparte is the other cat that recently was adopted in Germany. He is a young male and very handsome cat that was rescued from the street when he was still a baby. His irresistible charm, his great character and his awesome name helped him to fascinate his adopters in Germany. Congratulations!

Two sisters and one brother are purring in their forever homes – Asha, Usha and Tash.

Asha 4 Usha


Asha and Usha live together in a house in Sofia and enjoy playing all the time. Their new names are Milla and Kitta. The adopter of Milla is Majorie Baremans (Maria) while the adopter of Usha is Gerdine Kleuer.

Tash i Asha
Tash is a happy kitty living in the family of Krassimira Georgieva. He loves his family so much.


Happy is the black-white beauty that found her people quickly after we presented her on the website. She loves her forever home and brings joy in the family of Sonya Ganova.

Ron 1

Ron is one of our most wanted kittens. The interest of him and his two sisters Bri and Gray was so big that we did not have to present them officially. Everyone seems to want them. Ron is one playful and joyful kitten that found happiness in the home of Francka Beijerbacht. Bri is still looking for home, so when she becomes ready for adoption, we will present her to you.


Do you remember Frida? Our phones were overheated from calls of candidates that wanted to adopt her. It was very hard to choose the adopters of the graceful Persian amongst all the great candidates. The final decision is made and the beauty already lives in the home of Ivon Ivanova.

Bagira Shir han

Shere Chan and Bagira are the two tiny babies that we presented to you few days ago. The little brother and sister were very lucky to be rescued from sure death, stuck in water drainage. Just few days since we shared their story the tiny brother and sister found their people. Shere Chan lives in the family of Sasho Krustev. His sister, Bagira is growing up to be a beautiful young lady-cat in the family of Milush Hvoinev.

Thanks to our adopters, to our supporters and to the whole team that made those stories have happy endings. We have more good news for you. Soon we will introduce you to the cutest baby-kittens you have ever seen. Our great foster guardians are caring for them day and night to be sure that the little ones will grow up healthy and strong to be ready to debut in front of you. Stay tuned!

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