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The story of Transport X/2017 is somewhat magical.
Because when we were organizing the papers for it, we didn’t really have the money that were needed to carry it through. What we did know was that on the day before the planned departure – 20.07, Diana Romanova and her friends at Sofia Airport Center were doing a bake-sale for the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofa. And since we are hopeless dreamers, and Diana is a logistic wizard, we decided to risk it and hope the money will be raised. And it did!

02 05 06

A million hugs and tons of happiness for the people working in the SAC building – in just a day, and with the use of approx.20 kilos of exceptional bakery, they raised 2200 BGN for the dogs at the Farm!

This money was not only enough to pay for the whole transport, but we also bought 340 kilos of dog food for the souls that didn’t have the luck to travel to a new life.

01 03 04

We’re speechless to express our joy of how things developed. Here they are – the lucky souls already enjoying their new lives in Holand thanks to that great bake-sale at Sofia Airport Center last Wednesday:

Trudy’s sisters


We’ve already told you about them. Found deep in the woods, 4 puppies in a really desperate condition. Half-naked, walking skeletons who had half of the parasite population of the planet crawling on their backs. They were terrified and starving.

IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1485

Here they are – Serenada, Sanya and Symphonia (yes, keep the boys, abandon the girls) – all three of them now loving their new Dutch destiny. And the fourth sister – Trudy (the one that you gave a surgery to) was adopted in the most wonderful home here, in Bulgaria. But that is a different story.

Sonja’s babies

Sonja was brought to us very pregnant for urgent neutering in the beginning of April. She arrived in the evening and we left her hungry overnight – to perform the surgery in the morning. But as we opened the shelter and checked on Sonja, there was not one, but six dogs waiting for us. Something happened that had only happened before – puppies were born under our roof!

girl 01 (5) girl 02 (4)

Sansa and Daenerys

boy 02 (2) boy 01 (3) boy 03 (5)

Drogo, Davos and Stark

Our babies grew up as giants! Sweet and lovable black pearls. But as smart and as playful as they were, the truth of the matter is they would be very difficult to rehome here, if it weren’t for the chance they got in Holland, they would be stuck in the cage for ages…

Deidre and Nicky

They aren’t siblings although they look so much alike. Nicky is the last of Moyra’s babies and Deidre is Simonique’s twin-sister.

IMG_1400 IMG_1469

Deidre and Nicky

It so happened that the two sweeties couldn’t travel with their families and we’re now really happy to see them get the happiness they deserve.

The highway kittnes

Dumped on a highway stop-pit still with their umbilical cords on, 6 new-born kittens found salvation in the heart of Lubo – the man who raised them like their own mother couldn’t.

IMG_1701 IMG_1710 IMG_1090

Carry, Lusta, Griz, 
Blacky and Orange Tobie

IMG_1092 IMG_1707

One of them – Leo (Messy) will stay with him forever, and the other 5 angels left for their new Dutch homes with the help of our awesome friend Selma.

Maxy and Mopsy

20180460_10210371562470831_1863322400_o 20216406_10210371564670886_596639520_o

Two adorable abandoned puppies – found in the street, grown up in a foster home and absolutely lovely. They didn’t stay here long, although they are big babies. No wonder! Their eyes have a magic ability to look straight into your heart.

The Tail sisters

We call them that, because some nutcase must have practiced on them – to try to make them look like pintchers so that can be sold at the market. One has a low-cut tail, the other is cut in the middle, and the third is just as it were. The sadist with the scissors must have had enough with the first two.

deva IMG_1458 IMG_1467

Ava, Ada and Deva are lovely souls, with a kind and delicate temperament. We found them on the highway, and yes – they too are the unwanted girls of a litter. And in Holland – they will be cherished and loved pets!

Daro and Dara

These two angels (and another two who found a home in Bulgaria) were raised from a week of age with the huge efforts of a someone who never had a dog – Marinetka Todorova.

IMG_1403 IMG_1408

We are inspired by her effort and cares, and also really happy this story got to have a happy ending. Daro and Dara are lovely puppies and will become awesome dogs, no doubt about it.

El Quarantineros

5 babies who came to us in the same day – 2 larger and 3 smaller, not older than 10-14 days old, we raised them as a litter that we called El Quarantineros. Unfortunately it happened that these babies spent almost 3 months in isolation.

First time had to past until their first vaccine, then it was the shelter lock-down of May. We opened in July, but these guys were in the same ward with Benjamin, who died of distemper – pow! Three more weeks of quarantine – just in case. In the end we put them in one of the walking yards, it was just too much for them to be kept locked-up like this.

IMG_1656 IMG_1676

Layla and Dalila

IMG_1660 IMG_1683 IMG_1671

Roxana, Paul and Ringo

As soon as they grew stronger and felt better they sailed off to Holland – to be loved, hugged and spoiled the way they should have been all this time.

Mona and Lisa

Can you tell one from the other? We can barely! Mona and Lisa are two sisters, found abandoned in the street and raised beautifully in a foster home.

20134572_10155690567154653_239415047_n 20136421_10155690567214653_1201791036_n

Angels like them find homes abroad easily and become the pride and joy of their owners. We often get e-mails from Dutch owners of Bulgarian dogs asking what their breed is. And when we tell them there is no breed, they are always surprised.

Mathilda’s babies

4 of 7 abandoned pups were saved by the gentle Rottweiler Mathilda before distemper took her from us. Although she had lost her puppies, she nursed and saved the lives of:

IMG_1487 IMG_1495

Mateo and Matis

IMG_1490 IMG_1491

Mathilda and Mistique

You can see for yourself – they are the sweetest creatures. Dogs that really know how to smile. Soft, gentle, kind… the four lucky babies sailed off together to the same foster home. Click HERE to see how they’re enjoying themselves with their foster’s dog (along with Davos, a boy from Sonja’s litter).

In Holland!

And look at them now – our unwanted babies from the pit, our mutts from the trash cans – happiness suits them best, they were born for it:

We hug you all – donors and volunteers, foster parents and helpful colleagues, we’re really happy to put a big fat HAPPY END to this story of 29 dogs and 5 kittens, who were sad and unwanted once upon a time in Bulgaria…


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  • stella
    Posted 03/08/2017 13:22 0Likes

    No, thank you Annemarie, and huge HUGS to Danielle who makes it possible for these angels to find loving people like you!!!

  • Annemarie
    Posted 03/08/2017 12:34 0Likes

    Hi there in Bulgaria!
    Thank you so much for the great work you are doing for the animals! And special Thanks for the bakers who ran the AirPort action; apparently you’ve maxe it possible for our new dog Layla to come here.
    Many Thanks!

    Annemarie and Leila/Layla from Holland

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