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We are really happy to inform you that the three girls you gave orthopedic surgeries to have been operated and are already recovering nicely. They were difficult surgeries, each one had a complicated damage, but d-r Hristo Nikolov managed to fix the legs of all three of them.

IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1855 IMG_1858

The toughest one was Baby’s – because of the bad brake and her absolutely miniature size. It wasn’t sure till the last moment how it can be fixed, the sedation was really hard, but we hope Baby will grow up to be a healthy, happy puppy on four legs.


IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1861 IMG_1862

Mootsunka’s surgery was also very impressive – d-r Nikolov used a huge drill to fixate her joint in place. The poor girl’s joint was displaced completely, she is facing a long recovery, but you can already see in her eyes that the pain is gone. Hopefully in a month we’ll be seeing her run around happy and smiling like she used to be.


IMG_1809 IMG_1882 IMG_1895 IMG_1898

Ronja is recovering fastest in this group. She too had a bad brake, just over the knee joint, but just a few days after her surgery, she is feeling great and is using her leg a little. Such a cheerful and lovable girl, come see her, she will make you smile!

These here are only the orthopedic patients. Otherwise, the clinic is full and overflowing as usual. Here are our other difficult cases at this point:

The paralyzed angel Muffin

IMG_1195 IMG_1196

Muffin came to us unable to move his back legs and with a broken back. A gipsy boy had dumped him like this in a packed neighborhood. Soft, kind, gentle – he is full of life and energy, but paralyzed.

IMG_1806 IMG_1909

We x-rayed him and the pictures showed there is hope for him. The spinal tissue hasn’t been ruptured, there are no broken vertebrae… D-r Nikolov came to the shelter to treat him urgently – he performed a laminectomy, but the results were not as magic as we hoped they would be – the trauma turned out to be too old.

So, Muffin got to have his own wheelchair. A little by little he is getting used to it, he is cheerful and energetic, always hungry. We love him a lot, and he still has chances of walking. But he needs special care and attention, which we cannot provide in our crowded shelter. We really hope there is a Pekingese friend somewhere that would give him a helping hand. Muffin really has a chance of getting better…

Lora – ill with heartworm

IMG_1952 IMG_1951

We’ve been writing of the risks of heartworm so many times that you’ve probably already become experts. Giant Lora is here for a long treatment, we’re fighting the worms in her heart, putting on weight, resting from the horror she went through alone outside. She is a lucky girl – Lora has friends who support her with the expensive medication, the people who found her will stand by her.

One-eyed Silver Zorry

She had two eyes when she came here, but one of them was damaged beyond repair. We took her to the ophthalmologist who told us nothing can be done, and d-r Marincheva amputated the ill eye. Along with that, we also neutered her, she has been vaccinated as well.


Zory lives in a difficult environment – a tiny cage in our warehouse. She is much more trusting to people, very close to becoming a pet kitty. We will be really glad if a foster home is found for her, so she can recover and become a confident, beautiful cat. If you would give her this chance – please, get in touch!

Paralyzed Dessy

IMG_1374 IMG_1198

We’re fighting for the life of poor paralyzed Dessy. She was found in this state, completely helpless. D-r Marincheva ran all the possible tests, we even took her to a skanner, but in the end – she doesn’t have a certain diagnosis.

IMG_1805 IMG_1906

Before all – Dessy benefits from physiotherapy. By moving her limbs 6 times in a day, we managed to get her to raise her head and even step a little with her back legs. Dessy needs very special care that is nearly impossible to provide for her here. She needs a volunteer friend to help her out regularly, so she can deal with the paralysis…


IMG_1118 IMG_1120

Dumped very far into the woods (just under the highest peak in the region), old lady Heidy is a dog with a great, great luck.

IMG_1150 IMG_1207

The sweet granny is recovering her strength in our clinic right now, she needs to go to the ophthalmologist too, we are hoping it’s not too late to do something for her, so that she doesn’t lose her sight completely…

Life goes on

August has begun. Traditionally – the hardest month for the shelter. A time for smiles and a good rest, under the sunlight and if possible near loads of salt water. And this is great! We wish everyone a great restart from the mundane problems, feel happy in their bodies and sense the kiss of summer on their skin.

We will be here, the dogs and us, waiting for you – if you happen to think of us, or feel like donating, we’re here. Because in the world of dog suffering there are no holidays. In it, each day is a day for pain, so we remain here holding our grounds – with our silent friends, who wouldn’t get a vacation even if they knew what that is…

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