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We introduced you to some of the patients treated by our doctors during the last month. D-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva look after hundreds of animals with a sad destiny. We cannot show you all of them, but here is another group of sweet dogs that went through our clinic at the end of summer:


buddy1 buddy (3)

There once was a sweet boy, made for hugs and kindness, calm and quiet. He was the dog of an elderly lady, her friend in loneliness and old age. He wasn’t very well looked after, but he had a home and hands to hug him. One day something scary happened. And the noble successors were faced with a decision – what to do with the dog? They decided that the best option would be to dump him in another neighborhood. So Buddy found himself in the street. He wondered about the buildings until he found an open door. Went up the stairs, and sat down quietly on the door mat of an apartment he thought smelt kind.

buddy (1) buddy (4)

Buddy is a lovely pet dog. He has some problems now, because he wasn’t well looked after, but very soon, he will transform into a healthy, kind fur ball – that is who he is without all the sadness and loss.


efra (7) efra (2)

A very playful and kind little girl, hit by a car. The good news for her is the brake was clean and no complicated surgeries were necessary. Efra was put together and is now recovering perfectly in her little box, waiting for the season of love….


sugar (9) sugar (11)

Thousands of puppies have been in our care in these 6 years (no exaggeration). But Sugar definitely has his spot in our Top 10 of Sweet babies. So kind, so loving! We took him in as a walking skeleton, naked in places, hungry as hell, but very enthusiastic about meeting people who are willing to touch him. He is much better now, growing every day – a lovely character!

We also have one more boy with a similar temperament and problems – hunting guy Nero. His treatment took a long time, but the results are visible finally:

neron (6) neron


blagoy (4)

Another lovely sweetheart – we picked him up with what we taught was a broken leg, but actually turned out to be neurological damage. The little guy is being treated and is wearing a brace for quite some time now – he has begun to use his leg a little by little and that is a good sign, keep your fingers crossed!

Krivka (a.k.a. Rita)

rita krivka (1) rita krivka (2)

One of our own girls, she came a while ago with a spinal trauma, but has only been getting worse since. The sad news for Krivka are that her liver is not well and we cannot give her the pain-relief she needs. For now she is feeling relatively well in her box, on a soft pillow, we cannot offer her anything better.

Kalin and Rouska

kalin (2) kalin (3)

rouska (1) rouska (2)

D-r Mrincheva spent quite some time in the surgery room this month, we will only mention two of “our own” – blind old man Kalin and granny Rouska. Both elderly, both with us for a very long time, both with little prospect of leaving us alive. Although they are both recovering perfectly, we cannot stay away from the sad feeling they have not fulfilled their life’s purpose.

Parker and Julie

loven maj (5) lovna mama (2)

Two lovely hunting dogs – Mirko the kurzhaar and Julie the hound were someone’s dogs before they faced the reality of the streets. Julie is already well, Parker is still being treated, he will also need a surgery, but nothing scary. We hope they will find new homes soon, such kind dogs, both of them.

These, and many other dogs, find help at the Franzisca clinic every day. We are struggling to find resources to keep the help going. If you can, please donate to the shelter, every little support counts, as lives need saving:

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Special regards to you from Lotte! She is getting ready for her trip to Germany!


Lotte is still as kind and cute as the first day we met her, only she is no longer scared, but happy to be here. What a surprise it will be for her when she wakes up one day in Germany and her leg doesn’t hurt anymore!

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