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The “Franziska” clinic is working full speed, d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva cannot sit down for 5 minutes in their hard working days. We start with a report on the heroes whose treatments you provided last month.

Steffie is doing well

The amputation is a fact, but Steffie still has high leucocytes in her blood count and the vets will continue her antibiotic treatment for a few more days. She will soon be all right and ready to start her vaccination scheme.

IMG_0560 - Copy

We will wait for now the last leg we haven’t treated – there is some crepitation in the joint, but it’s possible she will grow out of it in the coming months. Right now it’s most important to take her out of her box so that she can start to walk little by little.

Tinkerbell is walking

Tinkerbell’s surgery was successful – d-r Hristov performed an ostheosynthesis on her shoulder bone. Unfortunately she came up with a high fever the day after. All the tests we ran on her are negative, she is on symptomatic treatment as the vets try to figure out the source of infection.

IMG_0803 IMG_0812

There’s no way we will let her go like this, she has too much love to give and she must make it.

Best regards from Ochko

IMG_0860 IMG_0857

The wonderful Ochko is in the end of his recovery after the complicated knee surgery you gave him. He still needs to be easy on it, although he is one bouncing character. But he is doing very well in general.

John Doe, Grant, Billy and Roshka – the war on heart-worm

john doe grant billy

John, Grant, Billy

Our boys’ hearts are all now beat freely. Everything is all right with them, they’ve all finished their therapies successfully – ready for a new life ahead.


Only Roshka left. She finished her pre-medeciation and will be taking in her dose of immiticide (the drug that kills the adult worms in the heart) in three doses next week.

Poor little Teddy

For a second day now Teddy is in the foster home of d-r Ilieva. Not because our 8-month pregnant doctor doesn’t have tasks in her little personal time. But because he feels and eats better when he is with her.


He is still critical. And if he makes it, he will need surgery on his badly broken front paw. He is too young and fragile for any of that now and needs to concentrate on surviving the head injury.

Mathilda’s puppies

They aren’t exactly her puppies – she never gave birth to them, she nursed them as hers. She gave them a second life… and maybe that means she truly was a mother to them. Distemper took our dear Mathilda, but the puppies she cared for survived.

IMG_0843 IMG_0851

Today we have 4 healthy, happy heroes. They are still in quarantine, but have already started with the vaccines and it will soon be their turn to go out in the sun.

Thank you

Our warmest regards to all the guardian angels who donated for the treatment of these sweethearts! We will introduce you to the new patients in the clinic this month in our next post.

Meanwhile – the senior volunteers will be expecting you for walks this weekend. Welcome!

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