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Do you know what it is?
So simple – at an important event (like a wedding or a birthday, anything that includes invitations), the invite to the party carries a small message: “Please, don’t get us flowers, leave your “bouquet” in the donation box at the entrance.

This way – donations are made for a meaningful cause, instead of money being spent on tens of bouquets (that will go in a day or two). A meaningful, useful donation can be made to a good cause, they are turned into something good and lasting.

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Whether it be our cause – animals in need; or something else… there is such a great need for kindness and generosity in our world – there are so many good hearts in trouble.

We salute and hug every person that has put the “Donations not flowers” idea into good use. And especially – these two new families – Lidia and Bobby; Liliana and Rossen!

We wish you happiness, health, love, loads of friends, lovely children and hearts – full of love – always, always!

Lidia and Bobby’s wedding

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Lilliana and Rossen’s wedding

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Love and happiness for all – humans and animals

And at last, we share with you a few words from Lilliana, who put in short the most important things about this wonderful concept:

We found our cat Tommy as a little kitten 2 years ago. He was hiding under a car at the Toyota parking, where I work. He was hurt, probably hit by a car. My colleagues and I raised funds for his treatment, and I adopted him after that. He is an inseparable part of our family.

We would like to encourage everyone to adopt an animal – it will pay them back in endless love and attachment. Rossen and I really love animals, and we always try to help the homeless dogs and cats we meet. That’s the reason why we asked all our wedding guests – friends and relatives, to become part of a noble cause and make a donation instead of buying flowers.

Continue rescuing animals and caring for them, we will continue coming to the shelter as volunteers and bringing friends along!

We are so grateful!
If you too would like to help us help more animals in need, please – get our charity calendar, it can be bought in stores and online.

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