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Here, at the Farm, there is never an empty spot – no sooner has an animal been adopted than a new one on the waiting list is being admitted. So to say, we have dogs on the reserve. For months ahead …

These particular five little mice were found and fostered by the manager of the municipal shelter in Sofia, until it was their time to come to us.

One of the ladies, you will see, is just a little bit cross-sighted. She has a cataract on one of her eyes, but there are still chances for the eye to be saved.

We want to start the week with these little faces and to remind you that nobody can help everybody, but we can all help somebody!

Become a regular Dog Savior by subscribing to a monthly donation of 2 leva – it does not seem much, but it saves lives!


  1. Send an SMS at 17 777 with a text message DMS DOG;
  2. Answer “Yes”, when you receive the question asking you whether you want to donate 2 leva monthly;
  3. Congratulations! You are now a regular DOG SAVIOR!Photo credit: Ivanka Pattreson for Stardust Pictures

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