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What does it mean to be a mangy dog in Bulgaria during the winter?
Basically it means that you are doomed to starve and freeze, unless you are first caught by a frightened citizen with access to poisons.
It means people fear you and never come near, and if you decide to do so – it is either a rock, or a kick for you, depending on the situation.
It means other dogs chase you away and you remain hungry and alone.
It means you have no chance.
Especially in this stage of your illness:

strahil (2) suncho (1)

These two fellows are Strahil and Sancho. Two dogs in an advanced stage of demodicosis that were stranded outside naked in the freezing cold. Quite some time passed for them to get this gorgeous look – it has taken them months of hunger and cold to come to this point. We can only wonder how they have survived.

strahil (6) suncho (2)

On the brink, the two boys came to us, to the clinic of the Bogrov shelter. Now Strahil and Sancho have a diagnosis, they have doctors, food and care. Both turned out to be very kind and soft animals, grateful for every touch. They spend their time gorging down incredible amounts of food, sleeping like pigs in the warmest room we have and all in all, being totally happy with their new circumstances.

Their treatment will be a long one. And what is worse – for it to be a good treatment, it will also have to be expensive.  It goes without saying that they will need Ivermectine, they will also need quality food, fish oil and supplements. Unfortunately, they are yet another set of dogs that need Ivermectine at the shelter.

DSCN4770 DSCN4794

What is Ivermectine? Generally speaking it is an excellent drug against parasites. It is widely used as a treatment for mange, but is also great as a preventive treatment for dogs under the risk of a heartworm infection. In a shelter cramped with 500 dogs that has a swamp nearby, that means – 500 dogs at risk. This means that we use huge amounts of Ivermectine at the shelter – for both the dogs with mange (and there are quite a few of those) and the ones over 4 months of age – as a preventive treatment for heartworm. This means – there is not enough Ivermectine.

We need a total of 340 BGN to stock the shelter with Ivermectine for February and March. If you can – PLEASE DONATE A SMALL SUM, it will be used for the lives of Suncho, Strahil and many, many others.

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