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Oscar is a lovely young cat, shot in the shoulder by an unknown monster. His shoulder is completely shattered, but thanks to the donors of ARSofia, he received the best medical help possible and is now adopted.

Edit 25.07.2016

It was the end of May when people brought Oscar to the shelter – quiet, calm and… shot in the leg. The trauma was severe, Oscar had lost almost all of the sensitivity in his paw and we had to make a choice: to amputate the leg with what we can spare; or ask for your help for a surgery to try to save the leg.

To the joy of Oscar and everyone that came to love him, the surgery was successful. Two weeks later, he started to use his leg a little and it became clear – you had given him the option of being a proud owner of four ginger legs.

In the days of his recovery we have spoken to Oskar many times – about his plans for the future. Besides health, he also wished for a family – and why not, with luck on his side, why stop dreaming?

oscar home

The boy switched his charm-emitter to full power and managed to get a message all the way to Germany – where his real person was waiting for him. It took us some time to get Oskar ready and send him on the long journey, but we can now say:

In this moment, Oscar is purring happily in the arms of his new owner – Nevena Karadimova. And he loves it there!
After a night of careful surveillance from under the couch, Oskar conquered the heart and home of Nevena once and forever. Like so:

“Oscar is definitely very happy and adapted to us in only 6 hours. He now knows every inch of the apartment and rules it all. He still has a definite limp, but probably only needs more time to heal completely. He is so kind!”

All the best to you, Oskar and Nevena! You found each other after great adventures, and from miles away, but we know this is the end of the sad story. And now a new, happy one begins.

Edit 30.05.2016

Oscar has started a whole new life thanks to you!
D-r Zlatinov fixed him, the surgery was successful and now all we need to do is hope that he has a perfect recovery and be able to walk on all fours.

000 готов оскар

The boy is already back with us, in the shelter – he still has some antibiotics to take and his brace must be re-made periodically. Unfortunately, being that the Farm is for dogs, he has to spend his days in quite a small cage, in a room without sunshine.

Not that he complained – Oscar is lovely and doesn’t mind anything – dogs, cats, kids, doctors, scalpels… He is really a good guy at heart, cats like him are very rare to find – we suspect he might be a dog in a cats body.

He is young, he is well, he keeps himself clean… So, if you have ever wandered what it would be like to have a lovely cat – why don’t you take him home with you for a month or two?
And he will tell you – it’s just great!

I case you do decide to offer foster care for Oscar – contact us, you will not regret it!

Edit 27.05.2016


Thank you so much for your help, dear friends, and especially you, dear Tom, for helping Oscar! He will be operated today – not amputated, his shoulder will be fixed and hopefully in a few months’ time – we will see him smiling on the knees of his adopters!

We wish you all the happiness in the world! Bless you!

ORIGINAL POST: A cry for help: Oskar, shot in the shoulder 25/05.2016

Dear friends, we need your help for a lovely cat – Mr. Oscar, shot in the shoulder.

01 оскар

In the last month we have been unable to take in patients for orthopedic treatment. Our debt at the Central Vet Clinic is huge, and we already have a large number of patients on a long treatment, needing the help of the doctors there.

But when Oscar was brought in – we couldn’t send him away. First – his alternative was to remain like this in the street (the people who brought him didn’t care). Second – he hasn’t been in an accident, he was purposely hurt by a cruel person (and we are people too). And third – he is just wonderful – kind, patient, looks at you and understands everything (it’s so hard to say: “no, we can’t help you” when a friend is looking back at you)…

This is Oscar’s x-ray – he was shot. Most probably by Carabine.

13275314_10208402857762690_1301165252_o 13282578_10208402858002696_264764130_o

No comment on the act of cruelty. To see such a lovely creature and feel the need to shoot it… What is important now is that Oskar is with people who can see his golden heart – it shines the light of a thousand suns and it will take more than a bullet to stop it. But – his leg is almost gone, and life on three legs, especially when a front one is missing is not a good alternative for any cat.

D-r Zlatinov from the CVC offers to make him a surgery to fix the shoulder and try to save the leg – as an alternative to the amputation we brought him in for. The moment of hesitation comes from Oscar having lost some of the sensitivity in his leg and it is not 100% sure that he will be able to use it again. It is possible he might need additional bracing and physio, or not be able to use it at all, there is no guarantee. But in any case – his shoulder must be fixed.

We don’t have 460 (236E) of 680BGN to be able to afford a surgery for Oscar.
If we are unable to raise them – we will do the amputation we can afford. But Oscar is a really lovely car and although here, we are mostly dog lovers, we believe help will be found for him too. He deserves it…

37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG
IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954
IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956
BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation
ADDRESS: 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG

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Send SMS with body DMS DOG to 17 777

1 lv donation for subscribers of Vivacom, A1, Yettel (no VAT)

13275052_10208402858082698_236344412_o 03 оскар 2

If you would like to help us cover a part of our bill in the Central Veterinary Clinic – piled up by orthopedic cases, visual diagnostics, complicated blood-tests and other things we cannot provide our homeless patients at in our own little hospital, you can do it directly, on the CVC bank account, just make sure you write they are “For the Animal Rescue Sofia bill”: Galb OOD BG45BUIB98881007429901 / CiBank / SWIFT BUIBBGSF

We know it is the end of the month and everyone’s pockets are empty. Don’t be sad if you are unable to help, dear friends. Oscar thanks you for your kind thoughts.

04 оскар 5


  • Jeannette
    Posted 31/05/2016 23:59 0Likes

    This is such good nes for Oskar – I am sure he will find a lovely family. He has gone through the worst – now he can go through the best life can offer him.
    Well done Tom for helping this lovely orange kitty.

  • Tom
    Posted 26/05/2016 23:46 0Likes

    Done. Go fix him, Dr. Z!!

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