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The Puppygarten will take place!
Thank you, dear friends!

This week we expect help from IN TIME couriers!
The company will cover the expenses for the building of the Puppygarten – the concrete, pillars, roof, doors – everything necessary for the construction of a cozy puppy enclosure.

The pipes and drainage were donated from EUROCOM 2000!
Our cordial thanks for the continuing support – this is the second time the company donates water-work materials to the Farm.

And with all the help we got from you – we will pay for the dog houses!
4 triple and 13 single dog houses will be made for our little monkeys by the awesome volunteer Evgeny. The large ones will house the babies of the Puppygarten and the singles will be for the dogs that cannot live in the big building.

We will keep you posted,

Dear Friends,

we bought the Farm 3 years ago as an old dairy farm. We haven’t stopped working for the dogs for a single day, and along with all of you, we managed to turn an abandoned farmyard into a real shelter, along with a fully equipped veterinary clinic.

1r120119233190062-4 1r120119233190062-8
The Farm at the beginning – 2013

13584708_10207214992755584_6245927583728304395_o 13613326_10207214991915563_6550105973255526317_o
The Farm now – 2017

IMG_0581 IMG_1025
Our “Franziska” clinic

Something new happens here every month. A pipe by pipe and tile by tile, the living conditions of the animals are improving. Today we present to you a project that we call “The Puppygarten” – a space reserved for our youngest inhabitants.

As you know, the mortality and infection rates of puppies in shelter is huge. Strict rules and separate spaces are needed to keep the epidemic away. Perhaps that is the reason ours is the only shelter that admits puppies.

Depending on the season, these are between 30 and 60 new puppies every month. And each one needs to be vaccinated 3 times, be dewormed and fed special food, but most of all – kept in isolation until all of the vaccination shots have come through.

IMG_0258 IMG_2038 веселушки скоро ще могат да излязат навън
Our current puppy quarantine spaces 

Currently – this whole procedure takes place in the shelter quarantine. Without sun or ventilation, on ceramic tiles. Being that this is very good from a clinic point of view, as the best means of preventing infections, it is also very damaging for the over-all condition of the babies. 2 months of live “in a bathroom” are too many for creatures so young.

Would you help our babies be healthier?
Would you help us build a small Puppygarten in our shelter?

The Puppygarten is a simple idea:

The Puppygarten project for the Farm 

It is a space where the puppies can live separated from the other dogs, but in the sun and with a space to run, between their second and third set of shots. This way they will have a stronger immunity, will not suffer from rickets and joint problems, and will have enough stimuli from the outside world, to grow up as curious and friendly babies.

We want to build our Puppygarten in the last of the shelter’s waling-yards. It is not something cosmic, just 4 separated yards, easy to clean and disinfect, where we can grow babies in the Spring, Summer and Fall. This will not be our first Puppygarten – in the old shelter, with the help of Vivacom, we managed to build one just like it, and it helped us raise over 1300 healthy and happy puppies.

19904655_10210324268408509_1343734882_n 19987314_10210324268488511_1375253540_n
The Puppygarten at our old shelter – 2012

IMG_1441 IMG_1446

The space where we want to build the new Puppygarten.
The clean-up and transportation of the waste is a gift for the dogs from their long-time friend Kalin

We know the summer isn’t the best time for a fundraiser such as this one. But now is the time to do it, and the count of babies we have to send away grows every day.

Help us build a Puppygarten in the Farm, dear friends, make a gift of sunshine and health to our un-wanted babies – even the smallest help matters:

37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG
IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954
IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956
BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation
ADDRESS: 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG

DMS logo

Send SMS with body DMS DOG to 17 777

1 lv donation for subscribers of Vivacom, A1, Yettel (no VAT)

What are the expenses? The Puppygarten in numbers:

10 cubic meters of concrete – 565 Eur

Fences, doors, hinges – 230 Eur

Bricks, plaster, paint – 250 Eur

Syphons, pipes, drainage and sewer – 195 Eur

Beams and Onduline for the roof – 185 Eur

TOTAL: 1 420 Eur



Houses are also needed. We’ve found a good option:

Our friend – Evgeni, who is a carpenter (and also a long-time volunteer with us), can make comfortable and sturdy dog-houses for our babies at a reasonable price.

Each is made from a single piece of plywood, and if we by a wholesale pallet, the price for each one of 25 houses we need would be 25 Euros. This is two times cheaper than the cheapest houses you can buy ready-made.

1364288313441-450x405 DSCN6582

We hope, if we manage to raise the funds for our Puppygarten, to be able to order 4 tripple and 13 individual dog houses for all the dogs living outside. Of course – we would be happy to get donated houses, as long as they are in a decent condition.

Is it doable?

Will we succeed in having both healthy and happy puppies and increase the numbers we can work with at any given moment?

We fully understand that the middle of summer isn’t the best time to be looking for help like this. But there are so many of us here, that even if every 10-th person decides to join – at the end of the month the Farm will have a splendid new Puppygarten, full of smiling babies who get health directly from its source – the Sun.



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