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UPDATE 28/6/2017

The girls have had their surgeries!


Summer. Adopters, volunteers and donors are on vacations, but the dogs needing rescue are here. They come carrying their pain “help me, friend” and don’t know that people are on or saving for a brake, and sunny days are not for sad dogs.

Dear friends, the clinic has so many ill animals and so little funds that we’re currently unable to provide help to all of them. Desperate patients are waiting for urgent surgeries, unpaid bills for medications are piling up, disabling us from ordering more, and we’re not even able to buy the disinfectants we need…

These friends are not getting the help they need in urgency:

Trudy – with a crushed leg

Tiny Trudy is from a litter of puppies abandoned in the forest with a skin infection. Very frightened, skinny and full of parasites, the puppies were and still are in a very bad condition.

IMG_0019 IMG_0016 19477885_242651019573259_1160704614_n

It’s worst for the tiniest of the litter – Trudy. She has a broken tibia and hip bone on her left back leg. She was maybe kicked or lifted harshly by the leg, we can’t know what happened to her. But the fact or the matter is that her leg is destroyed.

The little girl keeps her leg tied all the time and has severe pains. The worst thing about it is that at this age, she needs an immediate surgery, otherwise her leg will heal in the wrong way, causing pain till her last breath.


Trudy has to have surgery right away. But it will be a very complicated one, and even with all the discounts we get from d-r Nikolov, it will cost 460 leva.

Trudy is only 2 months old, but she already knows more about pain than most of us. Would you help her grow a happy and healthy girl?

Dessy – paralyzed

Fully paralyzed and in a bad condition, Dessy has anaplasmosis and most probably polyneuropathy.

IMG_0012 IMG_0011

We’ve had the girl for a week and she needs intensive, constant care. We have to turn her every 4 hours, she takes strong medication and physiotherapy 5-6 times a day. She is a very gentle and kind soul, grateful for every touch she gets.


To be able to treat her properly, Dessy needs an urgent MRI scan, which costs 200 leva… What can we do?

Nera – with complications after surgery

Nera needs to be operated immediately, otherwise she will lose her leg.


Found hit by a car two months ago, she was treated in a private clinic, but her recovery didn’t go right. She arrived at the shelter with a deep fistula and the x-rays we made showed she’s also suffering osteomyelitis. No wonder she is so sad and unhappy – Nera is in very, very big pain.

If she is to stay on all four, Nera needs a new orthopedic operation. The implant she has must be removed, an external fixture has to be built, she needs antibiotics and washing of the wound through a drainage.

12486_46899_4_s0 12486_46899_7_s0

Unfortunately, the girl also has anaplasmosis – a disease spread by ticks which causes a bacterial infection in the blood – which she is also being treated for.

But only her surgery costs 480 leva… Will we be able to provide it for her?


Please, if you have the means, send them a bit of help, they desperately need it:


101 patients

Tens of dogs and cats found medical help at our Franziska clinic during these last weeks, it was like an avalanche hit us when we lifted the quarantine. We introduce you to some of them:

IMG_0936 IMG_0937

Kind Deddy was most likely dragged by a car. He has deep rope wounds on his neck and a huge peace of tissue missing on one side. To his luck, he has friends who haven’t left him feeling alone during the long treatment.


kotik1 kotik3 kotik2

A litter of babies that came with a combination of Calici- and Herpes-virosis are now finally healthy. The treatment was very long, but we’re really pleased that everyone survived and not even one of them has gone blind from the illness. It’s time to vaccinate them, but we don’t have vaccines…


IMG_0625 IMG_0636

Cyril and Methody are two little brothers that were getting eaten alive by worms. Shaved down and with a first vaccine, the two little guys have the privilege of being treated in a foster family.


IMG_0887 IMG_0891

Benny, a lady with a skin-disease is one of the nicest dogs we’ve come to now. She suffers from pyoderma and demodex and is facing a long treatment ahead of her.


IMG_0060 IMG_0063

Little Buddy has negative skin samples, but is an obvious case of demodex. When he arrived, his whole body was covered in scabs and naked, but now he’s feeling much better and occupies one of our yards – as the sun is doing miracles for him.



Your friend Tinkerbell was operated, but had a strange high fever. It turned out she too has anaplasmosis, we’re treating her with antibiotics and they’ve already kicked in. We can say she is away from harm now and recovering well after her osteosynthesis.


IMG_0580 IMG_0924

Warm regards from Teddy, the baby suffering a huge head wound, as well as our amazing, brave little Steffie. Both are now fostered by d-r Ilieva where they can get all the attention they need.



Tiny baby Johnny came in with pneumonia and was hanging by a tread for nearly a week. Today she is in a much better condition – playful and eating. Unfortunately his blood work shows he still has a massive infection, so his treatment continues.


IMG_0906 IMG_0911

Although we have no way to look after them properly, we’re currently the proud mothers of 2 litters of abandoned nursing pups. We bring them home, then we bring them to work… We’ve talked about this monstrous act many times before, so… Let’s  just hope they make it.


IMG_0029 IMG_0283 IMG_0932

Puppies, never ending puppies, like always… Only now we have just 2 fully vaccinated babies. There are 38 more – in the shelter and in foster families – waiting. What will we do with them? These are 850 leva just for their vaccinations…


Friends, will you help us help them?
It’s a lot of money, but then – we are a lot of people.

If 1 in 10 people reading this decide to help out just a little – everyone will get the treatment they need and the Farm will continue to work full speed for the dogs in trouble, like it always has…


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