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Edit 13.06.2013

Dear fridns of Maya,
you have turned her destiny around today. She will get her operations and we will make sure she recoveres from it.
The next news from her will be of her (fingers crossed!) successfull surgery!

Lulin. 6,30 p.m. A mother comes home to find her 10-year old child sitting on the floor with a cardboard box. In it – a little brown mutt. The family keeps no animals, but what is worse – this little puppy has a big problem.

The kids of the local school already know about it. This afternoon, after they collected the money parents gave them to buy food, they brought the puppy-box to a doctor. There, the baby was administered pain-relief and given a horrid diagnose – one that can only be solved with very expencive medications. So, the box, along with it’s tiny inhabitant, moved on to reach Bogrov, accompanied by a most wonderful child and a father.


3-month old Maya was most likely hit by a car. The result 2:0 for the car. Soft little Maya has 2 badly broken hind legs, needing 2 surgeries and of course… money, which she doesn’t have.

And it’s a lot of money too. To put an outside fixture on her left femure and to nail (or remove, this can only be decided if a surgery is performed) her joint back to her right femure it will cost a totall of 450 BGN (230E). And Maya has the approximate 0,5 stotinki – that’s how much she could get if she could somehow sell her box for recycling.

Maya is just a puppy from the street. A worthless mutt. And as many mutts like her are – she is a calm, gentle, quiet and incredibly intellingent little soul. Little Maya understands that you’d probably help an animal that doesn’t need so much money and it’s OK. She isn’t angry. She knows her road is short and full of terror.


We can change Maya’s destiny today.
There are so many of us here – if everyone would donate a small sum – the bloody money will be raised and little Maya will walk again. And who knows, in a few months she might be running on a green medow in the outskirts of Amsterdam, wandering how all these miracles happened?

You can DONATE via PayPal, ePay and by bank.
You can also leave donations for the ARS bill directly at the CVC counter.


  • Maria Sokolova
    Posted 12/06/2013 22:13 0Likes

    Tazi istoria mi dava nadesza che Bulgaria ste e edno mnogo razlichno miasto v badeste. Malko i ot men.

  • Salabaschew
    Posted 12/06/2013 17:32 0Likes

    PayPal: 0DP62710262904600 za Maya

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