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Dear friends, here is an amazing journey our doggie van managed to push through in its last efforts to serve us.  And here, with great pleasure, we introduce you to the angels who arrived at their new destinations last week!!!

ValentinaPortrait ValentinaSitzend2

Valya! A sweet three-legged lady (with a missing paw on her back leg), who lived with us, un-separate from her brother Ochko (who only has one eye). After many unsuccessful attempts to place them together, we had to separate them. The girl is now having the time of her life with our colleagues, and is being a good girl. We can’t wait to hear the news of her adoption. And hopefully – Ochko will get lucky soon too!

IMG_5085 IMG_5088

Two wonderful guys left for Germany from the foster home of Denny and Itzo. Jamie the cocker-spaniel and his soul brother Milo half-collie, had to separate from their family in complicated circumstances, but now everything is set for them. When she was parting with them, Denny, who had a birthday that same day, took our funny little Bolt (the puppy with deformed front legs) under her foster care:

Happy birthday, Denny!

TantoPortrait-1 TantoSitzend

Another new German – brave sweetheart Tanto! The lovely guy came to the Farm from the municipal shelter in Bogrov. Long months in a cage never damaged his soul and he kept happy and smiling all this time, despite the hardships. We know he will be megahappy in his new life, and grateful for it every day!

MaryPortrait meri2

Sweetheart Merry – a tiny lady who came to the farm from the Iskar river bank. She was left in the middle of nowhere, pregnant, and trying to keep an eye and find food for two puppies who weren’t even her own. We really hoped she could find a nice home here – such a gentle and kind creature, clever, friendly with everybody… But the brown-gray color is a huge adoption-blocker, we call it “homeless color” because of that. We wish you great happiness in Germany, Merry, we know your family will be very proud of you.

Have a look here to see Tanto, Valya, Merry, Jamie and Milo enjoying games together with our colleagues in Germany, our hеarts will burst with happiness:

So, who else found a life away from Bulgaria?

sarah sarah1

Sweet Sarah is now Austrian!  The little lady came to us in October 2015 – she was a tiny baby when she arrived with a badly broken leg after a car had hit her. With your great help Sarah was operated urgently and recovered completely. Best of luck, you little fool!

10 IMG_5093

Another lucky Austrian – one of the boys from the house of horrors in Elin Pelin – an older guy with his own idea of how life should be. He had lived in the most terrible environment in the home of a hoarder, so he will have his own apartment now. We are really glad that this guy will get some good, normal, happy years in the dawn of his life.

A whole bunch of lovely babies left for a new life in Austria and Holland. Each of them has his own story, each has nearly left this world, saved by kind foster parents until the vaccines kick in and admittance to the shelter is safe. We are forever in debt to the volunteers and fosters – it is their hard work that allows us to prepare such a large number of dogs for a journey to happiness. Bless you!

01 02 03 04

Here are some horrible photos of the little guys, the way the camera saw them when the van was leaving. So many little souls, already safe, because you were there for them!

4 bebeta (1) 7 bebeta (6) 7 bebeta (7) 7 bebeta (5) 7 bebeta (4) 7 bebeta (3) 7 bebeta (2) 7 bebeta (1) 05 4 bebeta (4) 4 bebeta (3) 4 bebeta (2)

Besides all the doggies, three lovely kitties traveled to their new Dutch homes.

IMG_5065 IMG_5068 IMG_5072

They are – the amazing white Snowy, black-and-white sweetheart Bandy and amazing tiger Tommy – you can’t see it in this photo, but he is a real tiger. All three of them were living in different places in the streets, before they were rescued, treated and brought to e perfect condition by wonderful foster people. We wish them all the luck in the world in their new homes!

We thank the donors of the Farm for letting us work for the saddest creatures of our city, giving them shelter, health, care, love and… a happy life in a good family!!!

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