13 February 2020 | Adopted

To adopt an old dog, you need to be an especially compassionate person – somebody who can see beyond his own grief after losing a beloved creature.

It is a self-sacrifice that makes you give calm old age and love to an animal that is doomed to loneliness without you.

In the far 2013, a wonderful English family adopted Lena from our shelter. At that time Lena was around 12-13 years of age, but a very lively granny.

Lena had been a homeless dog all her life, so when she finally got the life she deserved, she is no hurry to separate with it.

It is true, now she is almost 20 years old and she has to use a diaper, but every minute she has with her people is a blessing to her!

We are deeply grateful to the Rabery family for not forgetting to tell us about Lena and to send photos of her.

But, of course, we are most grateful for the long and happy life that they have given to Lena!

13 February 2020 | Adopted

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