One morning, just in front of our shelter, we saw a big black dog, lying in a puddle of blood on the road.
Of course, we immediately took her in and our vets started fighting for her life!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

When we checked the security cameras, we were shocked to see how a car stops, the door is opened and the dog is thrown out!
Poor girl was so scared, she started chasing the car and almost instantly was hit by another car…We don’t know if the owners saw that, but they didn’t come back…

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

Ognyana was broken – hips, pelvis – it was doubtful if she will ever walk again.
But still – we decided to try and you helped us, so we gave Ognyana into the hands of the best orthopedist – Dr Vladislav Zlatinov!

Photo credit: Indre Vilkaite

But yet, again she surprised us – only a day later, Ognyana met us in the morning on her feet and with a tale wagging!
Photo credit: Indre Vilkaite

Day after day, Ognyana got better and better, happier and happier! Her love to one of our dog carers – Indre – also grew stronger and bigger.
We were wondering, if this girl will ever find someone who’d love her as much, as Indre does.
Of course not! And there is no need of this, as Indre adopted Ognyana and now the good girl not only has adopters who adore her, but also two furry brothers (one of them was recently mentioned here, as Archie is also adopted from “The Farm”).

The whole black pack and their proud parents:)

Photo credit: Indre Vilkaite

Farwell, Ogi! 
You got the jackpot with Indre and this time you will be loved and cherished forever!



13 January 2020 | Adopted

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